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Joined Oct '12

Name: Just call me Paine

age: 18

favorite show: Young justice, Arrow, switched at birth

favorite games: Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Skyrim, Fable, (if I can have a sword in the game I'll play it!)

favorite movies: Batman under the red hood, batman movies, superman movies, (if you can't tell I love dc comics)

OTP: Spitfire(yj) Malink(LoZ) Fairron(ff) Traught(yj) Arson(yj) Lightis(ff) Cloud/Tifa(ff) Tidus/Rikku(ff) Tidus/Yuna(ff) zelink(loz) dark link/malon(LoZ)

more about me-

I love anime

i am a dog lover and cats scare me.

im really friendly so if you want to talk just pm me!

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