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Hello, Deathly Nightshade speaking.

I’d like to welcome you to my stories, and I hope you like them. Here is a short description of some of them and how their doing. I write in FictionPress under the same name. If you want to know about me: I'm a 18 year old girl from Perth, Western Australia.
Check out my deviantart page for other info about me:
Or MySpace... eh, can't be bothered finding link. Just search my email.

Survival of the Fittest- The Fifth Element
Zorg is rescued by the bounty hunter Rakat Dell. Zorg is now a wanted man and has hired Rakat. Follows them on their adventure
How is it going?- My Fifth Element fanfic. Most likely my main fanfic. It's doing well... I seem to be keeping interest, which is always good :P


The Amazing Walking Potato and Friends- Harry Potter
I love this fan fiction dearly. Written by SmileyFace3 and me. It’s about two girls from our time getting send back into Harry Potter land. Such a clique, but we managed to make it funny. The two girls mess things up and before they go, they have to save a Magic Lamp from an evil person :cough: Ron :cough:
How is it going?-
We've finished! It’s funny, because it started out serious and Mary-sue-ish, but now it’s random. If SmileyFace3 agrees, we might do a sequel.


Tides of Dawn- X-Men
It’s about a young mutant girl trying to fit into mutant high. She struggles along, not knowing she is needed for a bigger plot.
How is it going?-
Haven't finished it. It's being held until I can go through old chapters and rewrite them... Very bad fanfic at the moment.

Tempting Fate- Pirates of the Caribbean
Two pirate lasses, Captain and First Mate, are pillaging their guts out. Captain Jack Sparrow doesn’t like this at all. When a map is discovered love, treachery and rum follow!
How is it going?-
This is another story from SmileyFace3 and me. I might continue this at a later date, we had the whole plot written out :P

Thanks to my best friend, Stephanie. I wouldn't be able to write without her.

Enjoy the stories!


Me: Eye candy!
Alycia: It burns!

Alycia: Are you Russian? (sounds like rushing)
Me: Where to?

Teacher: What is vocabulary?
Me: It helps you speak english... good.

:While watching Hellraiser, there was a scene where a guy under a white sheet had blood seeping in random places:
Me: Hey! He has his period in four different places!

Teacher: What do you do when a person is drunk?
Alycia: Put him in the longboat till he's sober!
(Awhile back I had to actually put the whole 'What do you do with a drunk person?' into action when someone drunk too much. I told my friend that I couldn't remember what to do, because I was laughing at this joke when the teacher told us)

Me: I thought it went dark for a second, then I realised I just blinked.

:I was commenting on keeping a lookout for Stephen Dorff in the new movie he's in (because he's hot):
Alycia: It's like 'Wheres Wally'... only hotter!

Rizzo: What's wrong?
Gonzo: It just feels so weird.
Rizzo: You mean that Mr. Arrow's dead?
Gonzo: Yeah, that... and my pants are filled with starfish.
Rizzo: You and your hobbies.

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