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Well, After spending A LONG time on this site I've started to wonder on Actually posting a story, Now On to little bits on myself

Gender; F

Age; Doesn't matter

Nationality; Canadian WOO!

Hair color; Dark Brown

Eye color; DARK brown- seriously, I've had, maybe, 12 people ask if they're downright black/ contacts

Likes; Anime/Manga/books (Fairy tail, Soul Eater, Inuyasha (though not the fics too often) ect.)/Cool Adventures/hiding in my closet/screwing around JUST to piss people off/food/thesims3,2,1/winning at arguments,fights,bets/music/ZELDA/being NOT sick. I'm gonna stop now

Dislkes; Sterotypes/being dissapointed/Arse holes/trolls/people who flame without reasons/people who hurt my friends (emotionaly OR physically)/Boa Hancock/Nami being...Nami( I don't downright hate her but she gets on my nerves...alot)/Mean people.

Life Story; Not much to tell here...

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