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I've read, reviewed and written fan fiction for a long time but tend to post very sporadically. When I have the time.

I like developing/reading/writing fan fic for different media 'verses: TV, movies, books, cartoons-anime
- TV - BtVS, Pretender, Sentinel, Highlander, Smallville, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, Supernatural, XFiles
- Anime - Sailor Moon, InuYasha, Naruto, Bleach, Gundam Wing, Voltron, Ranma, Tenchi Muyo.
- Books - TPierce Tortall and Circle, DWeber Honor Harrington, LMBujold Vorkosigan Saga, LHamilton Anita Blake, LHamilton Meredith Gentry Faerie, JKRowling Harry Potter
- Movies - Labyrinth, XMen, Hannibal, Matrix, Batman, Star Trek
I tend to follow authors whose writing style and plots or pairings interest me even if I never read/seen the 'verse (book, movie, show). That's how I got introduced to Ranma, Tenchi Muyo, Labyrinth, etc.

I prefer unconventional and anti-heros pairings in crossovers (or not). They allow the writer greater depth and flexibility. Not much is known about the true feelings and history of these characters so the possibilities are endless. My fics tend to be focused around particular female characters I like or feel I can write true to. Then I pick a male from the same or a different fandom. Then I wonder just how they could meet and voila! mutant plot bunnies start multiplying galore!

Here are some of the pairings I have outlines for and have written (complete and WIPs)
HP Severus - Willow, Usagi, Cordelia, Hermione
HL Methos - Willow, Dawn, Hermione, Usagi?
DC Clark - Chloe, Kagome, Dawn, Hermione
DC Bruce - Chloe, Kagome, Hermione, Willow, Cordelia
IY Sesshoumaru - Kagome, Willow, Usagi
Naruto Minato - Kagome, Usagi, Hermione
Naruto Itachi - Kagome, Usagi, Hermione, Naruto (female, I read yaoi but suck at writing it shrugs)
Star Trek Spock - Chapel, Hermione, Willow
Voltron Lotor - Allura

Some of the pairings I've listed don't have any fics, at least on fanfiction.net. Yet. I've got several notebooks filled with ideas and plot bunnies running wild in my head but limited time to actually write. Lots of my fics came out of the idea for a single scene or concept, or what if.

Recently I've started following various Livejournal communities... the variety out there is truly astounding. Kudos to all those brave souls organizing and moderating communities, big bangs, and exchanges. I enjoy the benefits of their efforts but shudder at the thought of pulling something like that together.
If you are interested please visit my livejournal. I've signed up for several big bangs and exchanges myself. It provides some incentive/motivation to write and finish (pretty banners and gorgeous fanfic art. I suck at photoshop myself).
Please note many of them and the sites I've listed on my LJ account might have slash/yaoi and might be quite graphic.

I do take a long time to write and update my fics so Be Patient! Or put me on your Author Alert list :b
Since fanfiction.net does tend to be rather picky about ratings and types of fics I also archive and read fics at other sites.
- http:///component/comprofiler/viewprofile?user=3402 - first place I post KagSess fics
- http:///users/sarhea - AO3 for all fandoms, esp MA fics
- http://www.fanfiction.net/sarhea - I'm going to try to keep this going since it is fandom comprehensive.
- http:///enchant/viewuser.php?uid=9152 - Hermione Granger centric fics
- http:///authors.php?no=832&list=published - Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossovers
- http:/// - My LJ
For now Dokuga, Fanfiction.net, and AO3 will be updated first. When I get the time I'm going to put masterposts on my LJ account and crosspost the fics I have there to AO3 and Fanfiction.net

I have also listed a number of authors and fics among my favourites that I really enjoy. You might as well so have a look see, read the recommended fics, explore a little, enjoy...

For fans of Hermione Granger & Severus Snape I recommend a few sites/groups dedicated to that pairing.
- http:///enchant/browse.php?type=recent
- http:///
- http:///
- http:///
- http:///group/whenikissedtheteacher

Love Sesshoumaru and Kagome?
- http:///browse.php?type=categories&id=213
- http:///profile/userprofile/sarhea - the best collection/community for this pairing
- http:///spark - Fics that used to be on A Single Spark, read only archive

Fans of BtVS xovers (like Willow and Severus OR Buffy and Harry OR Hermione and Xander OR Willow and Methos OR Willow and Daniel OR Buffy and Jack)? Twisting the Helllmouth is an archive dedicated to BtVS xovers. Try these...
- http:///authors.php?no=832&list=published
- http:///
Journeyverse and Wandererverse are two huge multiverse xovers. You have to read it to believe it
- http:///
- http:///Journey/stories/

Fans of The Sentinel? Try these...
- http:///index.shtml - multi-fandom crossovers that build on each other forming one intricate saga.
- http:///susan_in_collaboration_with.html - Susans collaborations with Maedoc are long but well written.
- http:///index.html
- http:///newarrivals.htm
- http:///index.html
- http:///
Virtual seasons for The Sentinel
- http:///
- http:///index.htm
- http:///

And remember people, this is Fan Fiction - Anything Goes. If you don't like a particular pairing, crossover or explicit scenes read the summary and author notes! It's not fun having your stories pulled out because of a few prudes.

Happy Holidays everyone. I posted several new and old fics here. Some were originally on my LJ account or Dokuga only. Enjoy and hope you have a prosperous new year!

-- Sarhea

Updated July 15, 2012

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