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1. How long have you been participating in fanfiction (reading, writing or other community activities)? Hmmm... I've been reading since I was grade 6 in elementary school so 1-5 years from now.

2. What gender do you identify as?

A female of course... How can I be a fangirl if not?

3. What sexuality do you identify as?

A heterosexual I guess ?

4. What is your age?

Can you guess???

5. How much time do you spend on average on activities related to fanfiction


6. You write?

Well I tried too you know... So far I have managed to create a two fanfic but well.. it's not much you see. I'm not quite the writer type. I really want to create a worth reading fanfic though maybe it will be my goal to be able to create one.

7. Which fandoms are you currently MOST active in, as far as reading and writing fanfiction?

For now I mostly read the Naruto fandom especially the Warring State type ( Even though there's not much to read since there's really few ) and some of the time-travelling and OC self insert :D. Then before I was into that fandom I'm previously from Kuroshitsuji fandom, next is the Magi fandom ( That's the first time I was able to create a One-shot ) and then the Hetalia fandom ( I'm still a loyal fan though. The story there is fantastic!! ). And lastly my ever first fandom I entered and the one who introduced me to this website is the Fairy Tail Fandom.

8. Do you view fanfiction activity (reading, writing, etc.) as activities of resistance, protests, transgression or otherwise part of a political/social conversation or struggle?

I never thought about it. But if I ever encounter stories like that it is really quite fascinating and educational I say. It makes me open-minded to the many things that are happening around us.


Naruto Fandom:

NarutoxHinata SakuraxItachi HashiramaxMito KonohamaruxHanabi

The unknown Pairing

TobiramaxOC MadaraxOC (or any female character perhaps Sakura?) ItachixOC ShisuixOC

Magi Fandom:

AlibabaxMorgiana AlibabaxKougyouko AladinxJudal

Hetalia Fandom:

AmericaxEngland / AlfredxArthur ( I will forever shipped this until they dropped dead!!) GermanyxN.Italy / LudwigxFeliciano ( Those two are SOOO cute! ) SpainxS.Italy / AntonioxLovino

Fairy Tail Fandom:

NatsuxLucy ( FOREVER LOYAL!)

My Deviantart Account (nothing much to see though)



So far I haven't create some fanfic despite being a follower of this website for 5 years. Since I'm the reader type here it's not really a surprised but I've planned to create more stories in the future! I've planned to create a fanfic in the Naruto fandom though, hmmmm the warring state period I guess I've been really inspired to create one!! I'm not really quite good in creating a plot or even creating a character but I WILL DO MY BEST!!

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