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I'm just someone who's cruising through life. I get bored when there's nothing to do, so I try to keep things fresh which sometimes leads to people disliking me, oh well easy come, easy go.

My favorite colors are black, white, gray, blue, purple and red.


Got a bullet in my head to forget my past, a hanged mans noose around my neck to never speak the truth, and a stake in my heart to rid me of my feelings.

Without biting you cannot live. But if you bite, you destroy yourself. The two-headed snake holds a sinful poison.

Nothing but a forgotten memory.

I'm just a dead-men looking for a place to rest, that's all.

The bigger the lie is, the more believable it is.

You got half a minute to save the world!

Life isn't fair, so deal with it.

What a drag.

Get over it.

Nothing lasts forever.

Don't bring flowers after I'm dead.

Sorrow isn't for the dead! Sorrow is...the burden of the ones who are still living!

Real will devastate you. If love does not shatter you, you do not know love.

Everything humans can imagine, Is a possibility in reality.

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