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Please note the name justareader21, that's right folks all I do is read with this account. Does that mean I have no stories? No it doesn't. Just not on this account . Will I tell you the name...No. Why? Because if I give you a review you don't like you can't get pissy and try and say something about my stories. For all you know you have read them. Maybe you liked them maybe you didn't. But either way you looked at them with clear eyes and not "I'm going to flame this person because they said I had no character development".

Some small child said this makes me a hypocrite. Obviously they don't even understand the meaning of the word. I stop no one from reviews or flames. The flames tend to come here. I will admit I am not always as nice as I should be in reviews. If I feel inclined I respond to a few (like the videogame child). I could always just hide behind guest reviews but then true hypocritical people just turn that off.

So it looks like fanfiction has just become a bunch of kids writing porn, badly. It seems groups and smut is the go to. Never read them, since if you have to

describe the act, you are a poor writer. Get a life kids and learn what real love is about.

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