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USA, the southern part. Yes, I have the accent to prove it and, no, I'm not ashamed of it.

Historian by day, writer by night. I've always enjoyed creative writing and have been doing so since college. I even wrote fan-fiction back in the dial-up days, but never published anything - it was just for fun and relaxation. I don't watch a lot of television, but when I catch a show I like, I fall pretty hard for it - hence, my writing about Downton Abbey.

“Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.” John Jakes

"I have often thought that there has rarely passed a life of which a judicious and faithful narrative would not be useful. We are all prompted by the same motives, all deceived by the same fallacies, all animated by hope, obstructed by dangers, entangled by desire and seduced by pleasure." Samuel Johnson

HOME, Character and Date Key

This is as much for my reference as well, since chapters have been posted out of order and characters seemingly come and go.

Lord and Lady Grantham's Grandchildren
Bobby Branson (b. July 1920)
David Crawley (b. Sept 1921)
Edward “Teddy” Crawley (b. April 1923)
Saorise Branson (b. March 1924)
Louise "Lucy" Crawley (b. April 1926)
Róisín "Rosie" Branson (b. June 1927)
Brendan Branson (b. Sept 1928)

Branson Family
Dan Branson (b. 1850) m. 1872 Cathleen (b. 1852)
Elizabeth “Betsey” (b. 1872), married Michael Boyle, eight children
Joseph “Joe” (b. 1874), married Clara, lives in Dublin (son killed at Ypres)
Sean (b. 1876), married with children, lives in Dublin
Andrew (b. 1878), married late
Bridget (b. 1883), married & moved from Dublin
Kieran (b. 1885), never married
Tom (b. 1890)


Flashback in "The Tenant’s Boy, Part I" (Chapter 6) - Tom's apprenticeship to the coachman at Murlough; Dan Branson dies and Cathleen leaves tenant farm

March-May: Flashback in "The Tenant’s Boy, Part I" (Chapter 6) - Tom applies for the Downton chauffeur’s position

June 7: "No Regrets" (Chapter 11) - Wedding Night, Dublin.
August: "Equality" (Chapter 17) - Tom/Sybil's first argument.
October: Flashback in "The Tenant’s Boy, Part II" (Chapter 7) - Tom and Sybil visit Murlough.
December: St. Stephen’s Green (Chapter 12) - Tom's new job at the Bulletin; Sybil's pregnancy announcement.

April: Flashback in "The Tenant's Boy, Part I" (Chapter 6) - Tom and Sybil's return for Mary and Matthew's wedding.
June: Flashback in "The Tenant’s Boy, Part III" (Chapter 8) - Flight from Ireland; return to Downton.
July: Main storyline in "What Rules the World" (Chapters 13&14) - Sybil's toxemia and Bobby's birth.
October: "In the Library" (Chapter 1) - Tom and Sybil after Bobby’s birth.

January: "Bobby’s Bisque" (Chapter 3) - Lord Wakeley's visit to Downton.
August-September: "Nothing is as it Really Seems" (Chapter 5) - Sybil’s miscarriage; David Crawley's birth; cameo by Evil!Edna.

May: Main storyline in "The Tenant’s Boy" (Chapters 6-8) - Cathleen and Kieran Branson visit Downton; Tom learns he won't be allowed back in Ireland.
September: "Hearts Like Theirs Are Beating Yet" (Chapters 9-10) - The Bransons visit the Highlands; Lord Flintshire offers Tom a job.

September: "Monsters and Midnight Revels" (Chapter 2) - Bobby constantly interrupts his parents.
September: Prologue in "What Rules the World, Part I" (Chapter 13) - Sybil's announcement of second pregnancy.
October: "What’s Become of Us?" (Chapter 15) - Tom/Sybil visit Kieran and decide to seek a home of their own.
December: "Remember the Children" (Chapter 4) - Tom foils Lord Grantham's perfect Christmas tree; Bobby's wish for a clockwork train.

March: Tag to "What Rules the World, Part II" (Chapter 14) - Saoirse's birth.
June: "Downton Cottage" (Chapter 16) - The Bransons move into Downton Cottage
December: "Basil Unleashed" (Chapter 18) -Tom and Matthew take their boys sledding; Tom's battle with Lord Grantham's new puppy.

September-December: "Out of the Dark, Parts I-V" (Chapters 19-23). The Bransons cope with Bobby's illness, blindness, and recovery.

Winter-Summer: "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Parts I-II" (Chapters 25-26). Bobby's schooling at Wilberforce, Sybil's midwifery training, and the family's reunion.
June: "The Open Championship, Parts I-II (Chapters 30-31). Tom and Matthew attend the 1926 Open Championship at St. Annes-On-The-Sea.
December: "The Wild Rover, Parts I-II" (Chapters 28-29). For the first time since their exile, the Bransons return to Ireland.

March: "Quid Pro Quo" (Chapter 27). Tom's election to the county council.

June: "Skipper's Bridge" (Chapter 24). The Bransons' tenth wedding anniversary trip.

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