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Pairings I Ship:

Criminal Minds - Morgan/Garcia, Hotch/Prentiss, JJ/Hotch, JJ/Rossi, JJ/Reid, JJ/Will, JJ/Prentiss, Rossi/Strauss * Morgan and Garcia are ALWAYS together in my CM stories, no matter who the story is centered on!

Once Upon A Time - Regina/Emma, Regina/Robin Hood, Mulan/Aurora, Belle/Rumplestiltskin, Snow/Charming

A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones - Daenerys/Jorah, Brienne/Jaime, Sandor/Sansa (Though it's my favorite books series and one of my favorite shows, I haven't actually written anything for this)

Ones I Used In Crossovers - Listed below

I will take requests to do stories, HOWEVER, I will not ship Morgan and Garcia with anyone but each other, and I'm not into three-or-more-somes in smutty fics. I am happy to entertain requests if you have them though :)

Writing is probably my true passion in life and one thing I can say I'm truly good at. It's a way of expressing the things that we hide from the world and is good for the soul :) At least I think it is. I've also written a book that hopefully one day I will publish. College makes it hard to focus on my writing, so I'm usually just working on FF.

Quick note on my crossovers: The tend to be updated less quickly.

Crossovers, Completed

A Time For Lovers & God, Oh God I Need Some (Criminal Minds and Grey's Anatomy) Pairings - Morgan/Garcia, JJ/Karev, Prentiss/Torres

A Few Friendly Suggestions (Criminal Minds and Psych) Pairings - Morgan/Garcia, Prentiss/Hotch, Shawn/Juliet

The Morgan Stinson Wingman Team (Criminal Minds and How I Met Your Mother) Pairings - Morgan/Garcia, Barney/Robin

Seeing the Signs (Criminal Minds and Silver Linings Playbook) Pairings - Morgan/Garcia, Pat/Tiffany

The Violator (Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU) Pairings - Morgan/Garcia, JJ/Benson

Crossovers, In Progress

Snow White And The Oracle Penlope (Criminal Minds and Once Upon A Time) *On hold for the time being Pairings - Morgan/Garcia, Snow/Charming

On the Edge (Criminal Minds and The Hunger Games) Pairings - Morgan/Garcia, JJ/Rossi

Profilers of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Criminal Minds and the Avengers) Pairings - Morgan/Garcia, JJ/Ironman, Reid/Black Widow

Profiler's Choice Awards-2013:I was nominated for three of the categories in the Profiler's Choice Awards. I'll be celebrating my first year on publishing on FF, and the fact I have been nominated at all is a huge honor.

Best New Author - Won

Best Characterization of Penelope Garcia - Losing Everything - Won

Best Morgan and Garcia - Beauty and the Morgan

Profiler's Choice Awards - 2014: This past year I was nominated for nine categories in the Profiler's Choice Awards. Five of them will be appearing on the final ballot. My thanks to readers who nominated me, and I hope you guys will find some other great stories by all the talented writers!

Best Overall Author

Best Team/Case Fic - Gone

Best Angst - Gone

Best Post-Episode Story - Flirt With Me, Dammit!

Best Morgan and Garcia - Gone

Profiler's Choice Awards - 2015:This past year I was nominated for several different categories for the Profiler's Choice Awards. The five below were the ones that appeared on the final ballot. Thank you so much to the people who nominated/voted for me. I appreciate you all!

Best Overall Author - Won

Best Team/Case Fic - The Truth Will Out - Won

Best Characterization of Penelope Garcia - Reincarnated - Runner Up

Best JJ/Garcia - Who's the Daddy Gonna Be? - Won

Best Post-Episode Fic - Let 'Em Burn - Runner Up

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