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A Comprehensive Guide To The Archive of My C2, "The Oddities of Romance"


~ Fic Title 1 - Fic Author 1 (Also includes modifier Other Pairings)

~ Fic Title 2 - Fic Author 2

Doctor (Kamiya)/Sniper (Hagiri) - 1 fic

~Ordinary - SPS-kun (Also includes past Sensui/Sniper and past Sensui/Doctor)


Jin/Shishiwakamaru - 1 fic

~A Red Rose in the Darkness - Hieica (Also includes Kurama/Hiei and Sniper (Hagiri)/Touya)


Kaito/Kurama - 1 fic

~Graduation - thoth-moon


Sniper (Hagiri)/Touya - 1 fic

~A Red Rose in the Darkness - Hieica (Also includes Kurama/Hiei and Jin/Shishiwakamaru)


Yuusuke/Shizuru - 1 fic

~Candy Cigarettes - Zelia Theb(Also includes past Yuusuke/Keiko andimplied Kuwabara/Yukina)


It has come to my attention that many of you are grossly undereducated in kitsune lore, and make stuff up as you go along. While I've also been guilty of this on occasion, I must emphasize the importance of RESEARCH

Below are a few webpages with information on kitsune, and foxes in general. I own NONE OF THEM:




It has also come to my attention that many people out there don't know how to properly use honorifics. And so, I have picked up one of my xxxHolic mangas, and shall now proceed to rip the honorific glossary from it.(Don't sue me, dammit.) I'm leaving out "-dono", because no-one seems to use it anyway, even in the Japanese versions of most animes. According to a friend of mine who really knows his Japanese, it's an out-dated term.

-san: This is the most common honorific, and is equivalent to Mr., Miss, Ms., Mrs., etc. It is the all-purpose honorific and can be used in any situation where politeness is required

-sama: This is one lever higher than "-san." It is used to confer utmost respect.

-kun: This suffix is used at the end of boys' names to express familiarity or endearment. It is also sometimes used by men among friends, or when addressing someone younger or of lower station

-chan: This is used to express endearment, mostly towards girls. It is also used for little boys, pets, and even among lovers. It gives a sense of childish cuteness.

Have a nice day, R&R my fics, and don't flame me please.

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