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Hello, this is gamingunknown1, or Unknown_Mage as I am known in other places.

Fanfic Ideas(In this part, I might be putting up random ideas if I can remember them. Will stay blank for a while)

Familiar of Zero

- As Louise casts the Familiar Summoning Spell, it catches one of the greatest Mages known in Halkeginia by surprise. Now, with two void mages in the Academy, what will happen to this unsuspecting pair?
[Louise summons Brimir before his accomplishments (or after?)]

- Louise manages to summon the one of the most legendary creatures in the world ... in the form of a "commoner." How long will it take for her to find out how amazing her familiar truly is?

- Louise summons a Rhyme Dragon (Complete OC)
[It is in the form of a young adult but is actually a lot older than Sylphid (older relative?)]

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