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Hi, hi! The names Spiritgirl(spirit for short.) Thanks for taking time to check out my profile.(: :)(: :)(: :)(three virtual cookies for you!)

I'm not exactly sure what to put here to be honest, soooo I'll prolly just be doing the usual updates, future stories, pairings, etc, etc:

One thing I think I should mention right off the bat: I'm not a big fan of the Canon or Cannon-ish(meaning if it has enough instances where it may as well be canon.

Ironically if they are genderbent, then I tend to be more lenient. I LOVE TO GENDERBEND!!!(blame my friend for getting me hooked on the idea. T-T)

There will be no Character Bashing!!!

No Character Bashing Pledge

I promise even if it is a character I personally do not like, or am not fond of

I will write said character respectfully, and try my hardest to keep them true to their nature.

Under NO circumstances will I have them do something OOC unless it flows into the plot, or is absolutely necessary to keep the story going.

I promise not to purposely weaken, insult, undermine any of said Characters good attributes.(no matter how few I feel there are.)

In turn I hope to be respected for having my own opinion on said character and abilities.

Above all I will do so to respect fellow authors and readers who may in fact favor the character over others, and in doing so hope to better myself as a writer.

Favorite Pairing(s):

Most of these are in fact of Genderbent Variety. Bold means they are genderbent.xD


PERLIA( SO MUCH LOOOVVVEE FOR THIS PAIRING!!!I loved Thalia as a girl, but for some reason her as a boy sounds amazing.xD)


Perianca?(Female!Percy/ Male!Bianca, there are so few it's sad. T-T)

Lercy(Luke/ Female!Percy)

Fairy Tail:

Naxus(Female Natsu/ Male! Laxus. SOOO GOOOD!)

Nabra(Female Natsu/Cobra. I think they could be funny together, their battle proves it in my opinion.x3)

Nabiki(Female!Natsu/Hibiki...Don't ask. I've seen some good stuff written on this pairing, I swear and it boggled my mind for awhile.O.o plus he kind of reminds me of Usui from Kaicho wa Maid-sama.)

Naref(Female!Natsu/Zeref. I can see them having one of those really amazing yet tragic and beautiful sort of loves.OuO)

One Piece:

Luffy/Law(The perfect balance of insanity.O.o)




Naruto/Kurama:Please note I prefer Kurama to still be MALE!Possibly with some kind of human form given to him(if it works for the female version I don't see why the male one is such a big deal, just saying.=.=)

Naruto/Gaara(Jinchuuriki love!)

Naruto/ Shikamaru


Naruto/Shisui(The only uchiha to have won me over in terms of a ship...just cuz of how funny he can be.)

Stories progress/Future Work(s):

Current Focus-es:


Heaven's Lullaby:Being a demigod was a worse enough deal, but when your dads king of the gods monsters and people tend to notice you a lot quicker.

AU. Switched parentage of Percy. Genderbent Percy. Genderbent Bianca.

Pairing(s): Fem!Percy/Male!Bianca. Possible Side pairing of Annabeth/Luke or Annabeth/Alabaster. Some Fem!Percy/Luke early on.

Reversed:What-if!What if instead of Thalia, Luke was the Son of Zeus and she was the daughter of Hermes instead?And it was Luke who wound up sacrificing himself atop Half-blood hill. What sort of changes would this development bring?And what happens when he wakes up to come face to face with a certain daughter of Poseidon? Will love blossom between them?

AU. Switched immortal parentage of Luke and Thalia.(Luke is son of Zeus while Thalia is a daughter Hermes.)Genderbent Percy.

Pairing(s): Fem!Percy/Luke. Annabeth/Luke. Some one-sided Luke/Thalia.

Thaddeus and Persephone: The Titan's Curse: One thing Persephone Jackson had not counted on when she and her friends returned from the Sea of monsters was the revival of a certain sky god's son. With another piece brought into play the stage is set for disaster with the disappearance of a goddess and Kronos on the rise. Can Percy and her friends save the others by Winter solstice?

AU. Genderbent Percy. Genderbent Thalia.

Pairing(s): Fem!Percy/Male!Thalia. One sided Annabeth/Male!Thalia.

Future works I'm planning:

Shadowy Savior: Three was a sacred number to the Greeks; The Big Three. The Erinyes. The Muses. So on; so it would stand to reason why there would be three of us as well right? Wrong. When you're a child of Hades, nothing is ever so cut and clean. SI-OC!AU!Anti-hero.

Not a Di-Angelo sibling!

Pairing(s):Undetermined. Will have bits of one-sided love, as well as corrosive and unrequited love. Perhaps the occasional dead crush or two.(Life isn't all sugarcane's and gumdrops, especially for a half -blood!)

Persis Jackson has never received the love or acknowledgement she craved from her father, Hades. Nathaniel Di Angelo was turned into a pine by his father, Zeus. Lastly Thaddeus Grace was still reevaluating feelings for his dad, Poseidon. To be fair none of them were meant to be born, but it was up to one of them to decide Olympus's fate:To preserve or raze?

Swapped Parentage of the Little Big Three. Genderbent Percy/Thalia/.

Pairing(s): Undecided.

Fairy Tail

In My Arms: What if Laxus had met Lucy when he was younger and the two ended up running into Natsu in the town of Hargeon,What about when the pink haired dragon slayer winds up developing feelings for the lightning mage?

AU. Teenage!Laxus. Fem!Natsu.

Pairing(s): Fem!Natsu/Teenage!Laxus. Possible Lucy/Loke?

Whispers In the Dark: What-If! Natsu saves Cobra from Brain and afterwards manages to somehow usher him into joining Fairy Tail, but what trials await the newly accepted guild member and the Fairy Tail guild?

AU. FairyTail!Cobra. Fem!Slightly Darker! Dual-Personality!Natsu.

Pairing(s): Fem!Natsu/Cobra.

Red Rosemary: The encounter with Tartaros ends very differently, and Natsumi is left with more questions than answers. Who is Jackal? Why does his presence invoke such a change in her?

Pairing(s): Fem!Natsu/Jackal/Fem!Zeref.

Tears of Illusion: A single choice can shake the very foundation of the future. On a whim, Acnologia raises Natsu, setting into motion a plan of his own.

AU. Fem!Natsu. Raised by Acnologia. Darker!Natsu. Stronger!Natsu.

Pairing(s): If any are currently undecided.

Possible future work(s):

Summary:AU!All Zerase wanted for the last 400 years was for her dear little sister to finally come and put her out of her misery. Now, however, she's had a change in heart and with it a change in targets.-"You represent her hope. Her belief in all that is good in this world. Gray Fullbuster, I shall rip out your very soul and shatter whatever remnants of hope she has left in this world."-There will be no mercy.

Fem!Natsu. Fem!Zeref. AU after two year time-skip.

Pairing(s): Fem!Natsu x Gray. Possible one-sided corrosive/possesive love Fem!Zeref x Gray. Male!Mavis, Mavis x Zeref.

Summary: AU!One decision can change everything. Zeref meets Mavis when she is still a child, still without magic and becomes her first friend instead of Zera. FairyTail founder!Zeref.

Summary: AU!Winter was Natsumi's most hated season. No matter when it came, it was never good...that is until he came with it, letter in hand-"Dear Natsumi, please watch over this boy. He is your brother, Zeref."-"My brother?...I HAVE A BROTHER!?"

FairyTail!Zeref. Mute!Zeref. AU. Fem!Natsu

Pairing(s): Undecided.

Summary: AU!She was the most dangerous of Zeref's demons, but it was not always this way. The hellfire that was her own burning hatred could only ever be quelled by ice-his ice. One moment was all it took for her to remember everything they once shared, and just who he was supposed to be to her.

AU. Semi-godlike!Darker!Natsu. E.N.D!Natsu. Female Natsu.

Pairing(s): NatsuxGray. ZerefxMavis.

The Fox Princess:What-if when Naruto went against Haku after mercilessly striking down his comrade the seal loosens for the first time, and with it a startling change is revealed! How will Naruto now turned into Naru cope with being a girl instead of a boy?

AU. Fem!Naruto. Human!Kurama.

Pairing(s): Decided by a poll.(No spoilers!)

Harry Potter

Tempest of Fate: They say the flap of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane; maybe that's all she was. The coming hurricane.

AU. Fem!Harry. Smarter!Harry. Stronger!Harry. Possible slash. Fem!Voldemort.Good!Dumbledore. Good!Snape.

Pairing(s): Undecided. Implied past James/Fem!Voldemort.

...Yeah I think that'll do it for now.

Hope you Enjoy my stories in the meantime. If so then please review, Favorite and Follow, and thanks again for stopping by!xD

Update: So obviously things have been A LOT more hectic in case you couldn't already tell by lack of updates, some of it personal and whatnot,etc. But at the very least while I try and get back into the groove of things, I am in the midst of re-writing a few of the stories that have more or less been on an extended hiatus as some of you may have already noticed. All I can really say is that I'm taking it little by little as to not overwhelm myself and whatnot.

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