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Okay, I will introduce my self, you can call me zi or za, 95line, and a girl

is there anyone who is curious with my birthday? #plak kkkk

if not, it's ok, but I just can tell my birthday is the same with one of SJ members, yeah, all of you know him as fishy #Iknowyouknowitalready

I'm not a good writer, cz I'm not a writer, but maybe I will become a writer someday :D

I love violin and piano, even though I dont know how to play it ._.

I really love rain and autumn, I dont have reason, I just love it

There are so many things I want to learn, I like a learning a new thing, but sometimes I dont have chance, if it's possible I want to know all the things in this world, but it's too much, I know

Yeah, I just want to do all the thing I can do

Learning so many things from my bias Captain Cho, Little13, GaemGyu, Kyuzart, and BabyKYu

He becomes one of my role models, oh the way he tries to reach his dreams one by one make me impress


maybe that's all

Sankyu _

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