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waddup i'm kidd i'm 19 and i never fuxxin learned how to write

I deleted a lot of old stories because they had bad writing, and I SHOULD have just rewritten them... However. I was Not Smart and now they're lost. :(

tumblr: kiddstar

twitter: klddstar (that's an "L", not an "I")

8tracks: kidstar

dA: fahkeer

If you have questions about any of the fics below in any category, feel free to PM me!


At Sixes and Sevens (@6&7) is a rewrite* of the previous Soul Eater multi-chap of the same name. "Go on a date with me." "What?" "You, me, date. You know... Dinner, a movie, the whole shebang." "Let me think about it." "Yeah, yeah, I kno- ... Wait- What?" KidStar.

Once upon a time, it was bad. Now it's good, I hope, and I hope you'll all enjoy the rewrite!

Estival is a Soul Eater multi-chap AU. Without Shibusen, without Spartoi, without the necessity of partnerships, how do the teens fare? Prompt lines taken from seventhsanctum. Ships are a secret for now but knowing me you probably know them.


Pissed is a Soul Eater one-shot full of fluff and cuties and kind of drunk assassins. Vaguely cracky at times. KidStar.

Books is a Soul Eater three-shot dialogue fic. "They go through this process as least every two months." KidStar.


Unnamed Soul Eater multi-chap. A roommate AU. KidStar, background TsuLiz, minor ChroMa, Soul/Kilik, OxVar, KimJac.

Unnamed Soul Eater multi-chap. A celebrity AU. Pairings a secret maybe?

Unnamed Soul Eater three shot. A body swap AU. KidStar.

Toying with the idea of a Soul Eater AU with a Caste Heaven concept? Didn't like the manga, didn't even finish the first chapter because it was so bad, but the idea was cool.

Thanks for taking an interest in my terribly written self indulgence!

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