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I love manga and anime and I like the characters and I love how some people can make such amazing stories using my favorite characters. I even like reading stories about my least favorite characters because then someone can make me see them in a whole new light and then I might like them too!

You Know You're A Whovian When…

Everything is Fantastic!

You don't trust a room full of gassy diplomats

You don't want to visit NYC anymore, because of the Statue of Liberty

When ever you have candy, you ask, "Would you like a jelly baby?"

You know having two shadows means certain death

You say, "Allons-y!" whenever you go anywhere

Snowmen completely freak you out

You cry uncontrollably when anybody mentions Doomsday

You want to visit Stonehenge just so you can perform Eleven's monologue

When someone tells you you're mad, you simply, give them the thumbs up

You lost it when you found out Rory thought they were eggs

You say, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." whenever you mess up

You hate it when there's an awkward Silence

Celery is not just a vegetable… It's an accessory

When you found out Jack was The Face of Bo, your mind just… exploded

You constantly ask your friend personal questions to make sure they're not a ganger. But you may never know :)

When you ask a baby's name, you also ask, "Will I blush?"

When you saw the Human-Dalek, you didn't know what to think...

You introduce yourself as "Y/N, Prime Minister.

"You never look out of the corner of your eye.

You understand this:

That awkward moment when you get shot by your wife, in front of your wife, who then proceeds to try to kill your wife, while your best friend is off to the side, pregnant… with your wife…

You've tried to use normal paper as psychic paper

You've vowed to never take a weight-loss pill

You sometimes find yourself talking to twigs

You keep a close eye on the mannequins while shopping

You love a man in Roman uniform

You're nervous about ever spending Christmas in London

Your already irrational fear of spiders has gotten even worse when Donna first came

Vincent Van Gogh is your favourite painter

Your calling card is, "Hello Sweetie!"

When you give a friend a makeover, you say, "You will be upgraded!"

You thought that Clara's leaf was the sweetest thing ever

You never blink… blink and you're dead

You yell, "GERONIMO!!!" to get yourself excited

When something goes wrong, you remind everyone that you're The Doctor

When you see a potato, you start to chant, "Sonta-ha!"

Even though the classics are great, you feel closet to 9, 10, 11, and 12

You NEVER complain when Captain Jack Harkness, makes an appearance

When quoting Shakespeare, you say, "Expelliarmus!"

When frustrated, you find yourself saying, "Oi!!"

You get shivers whenever you hear, "EXTERMINATE!!"

You thought it was cute when Martha and Mickey ended up together

You want K-9 as a pet

You tap the drumbeat to see if anyone around you will react

You KNOW that bow ties are cool

Whenever you see a kid looking for his mother, all you can think of is, the empty child

You've tried fish finger and custard.

You look at a screwdriver thinking, "This could be more sonic."

Your favorite insult is, "You're so thick! You're Mr. Thick-Thickity-Thickface from Thicktown, Thicknia! And so's your dad!"

When you baby sit and the kids do something bad, you say, "The little Daleks!"

Your favorite color is TARDIS Blue

When entering a room, you shout, "It's bigger on the inside!"

The first thing you think when you see a gas mask is, "Are you my mummy?"

The numbers 9, 10, 11, and 12, aren't just numbers

You basically… run

You cried when the 10th Doctor didn't finish saying, "I love you," to Rose

You have described something as "Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Whimey…Stuff."

When you make a mistake typing, you say out loud, "You will be deleted!"

You cried when the 10th Doctor said, "I don't want to go," and you laughed when the 11th found out that he still wasn't ginger.

Cracks in the wall scare you

You use the word, "Spoilers," way too often

When you want your friends to come with you someplace, you simply say, "Come along Ponds!"

You know that Silence will fall, when the question is asked...

The biggest one of all, that we all ask everyday, "Doctor… Who?"

I love to read. It's really that simple. I love finding a story that sparks my interest and when it does I can't stop reading till the end. I've even read stories in one day, just because I couldn't stop.

I'm a major romance junky. I just love love. (And yes I know that sentence wasn't very original but it's true). There's something about how the characters build their relationships and overcome obstacles together that just gets to me.

Stories involving kids are some if my favorites. It's interesting to see how the character interacts with them and later earns their trust. I especially love it when it's a man dealing with a baby. Their reactions are the best.

I like fiction as well as fan fiction. It's amazing where an authors imagination can take a reader, whether it's with their favorite character or someone completely new. And no authors character is ever alike. So the variety is astounding.

Werewolves and vampires are good as long as they're done right. No offense to Stephanie Meyer, but I just don't think vampires were meant to sparkle.

One of my biggest peeves with romance stories is when the characters fall in love instantly. There's no build to their relationship. It's like love at first sight then bam! Together. I've nothing against authors that write that way but I want something to look forward to. Like how the guy tries to win he girl over or the girl attempts to seduce the guy. A challenge!

Hopefully sometime soon I'll get the courage to write a story. And when I do I hope people can appreciate it for what it is. And if they don't like it oh well. Everyone had their likes and dislikes.

So I guess that's all there is to say about me. And to all future authors out there I wish you the best of luck in all you do!











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