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Note: I am not dead.

ahem* Now that that's out of the way, I haven't had steady access to a computer in about six years. That's why no updates. I do have access now, but I highly doubt any of my old fanfics will ever be updated again. I've been through a phenomenal amount of real world BS; Identity theft, homelessness, abandonment by all people I considered friends, are only a couple of the issues I've had to deal with.

I am, quite frankly, not the same person I was, even if I still enjoy reading and writing fanfiction. So that's why I've decided to change my ID to something that reflects more who I am now.

Saj is a character from an original story I'm working on. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that the name Saj a Hreeshan pronounciation of Sage, which is true her given (human) name, 'Te' is an Hreeshan word meaning 'of (clan)' and Gyuhyall is an Hreeshan clan, named for a freaking huge wolflike creature. She's a scary lady, and I dearly love her in all her stubborn, snarky, and occasionally bloody minded, glory. I hope to someday publish her story, but for now, she gets to be my ID.

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