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STATUS UPDATE: After more or less than a year, I'm back!

My avatar was made using this: http:///art/Anime-Face-Maker-2-182829244 The user who made it isn't me.

Call me Moj. Or Half-blood Ravenclaw. Or, heck, even Raven.

Stories - If you plagiarize these, know that I will find you, and I'll skiiiiiiin you!

1. Burn (published) (Incomplete) (To Be published in Wattpad as well)

A Potterlock where the only main character from Sherlock is Jim Moriarty, this is how a rather rebellious, psychopathic child would react to not going to a special school even if he was legible for it. A.K.A. my life story if I were a psycho like Jim. I'll update irregularly since things happen in summer (why can't my parental units leave me alone for a bit; I'm not Snow White, and I do not take apples from random ladies!).

EDIT!MAY22ND! Burn's reached 3K views! Thanks to everyone who read it!

Note: Due to Writer's Block, I may not update daily like I try to, and if you have any ideas for the next chapter, PM me, and I'll credit you. And reviews are a great motivator. Lets me know that you guys are still alive and that my writing isn't made of all crap.

2. A Card and a Painted Skull (Completed one-shot)

A Mother's Day one-shot.

2. In The Shadows (title pending) (still editing) (not yet published, but I'll do once Burn is nearly done or actually done.)

A Sherlock one-shot fic where it shows the fact that with main characters like Sherlock, John and sometimes Moriarty or even Lestrade, Dimmock is near-invisible in the shadows (don't worry, I still see you).

3. The Different Ones (Still Editing) (To be Published in Wattpad as well under the name 'Half-blood_Ravenclaw')

I'll publish this once the two other stories are done. I'll also publish this in Wattpad under the username 'Half-blood_Ravenclaw'. If you see the same story in Wattpad under that user, it's me. A Potterlock fanfic.

Harry Potter Profile Section

Where I post about everything HP

Hogwarts student profile:

Year - First year (mentally; and as of Pottermore)

House - Ravenclaw

Best subject: Charms

Worst subject: Potions (I ate my feelings after waiting for a whole hour for a potion to brew only for a glitch to happen. I swore at the computer as if it had human emotions)

Opinions on each house:

Gryffindor - When I first joined Pottermore, I wanted to join Gryffindor SO bad. I faked the sorting, then regretted my dishonesty, deleted my account, and got another one, which was sorted into Ravenclaw. They're great, really, but what ticks me off about them is that most of them have prejudices about Slytherin. Hermione wasn't even Gryffindor-like in the first book--she was, slightly--but we only find out during that actual event of busting Snape/Quirrel/Voldemort that she didn't care about grades. She was a damned know-it-all then, giving trivias and corrections to anyone who'd dare listen. Sure, the hat may have seen potential, but when Hermione said in the fifth book that the hat considered her in Ravenclaw, but placed her in Gryffindor 'stead, it came off to me as "I may have been pretty much a good Ravenclaw character, but I'm a main character so I'm in Gryffindor". While I know I may be wrong, but perhaps, had Hermione been in Ravenclaw, our house may have been given some characterization.

Ravenclaw - While they're intelligent and imaginative, they weren't in character in the books. They're described as accepting people, but look! They shun Luna and her Nargle beliefs. They aren't given much description either, which makes me kind of annoyed as a Ravenclaw.

Hufflepuff - people always think these people are duffles. Sure, it may be the house where the hat puts people who aren't fitting in other houses, but most Hufflepuffs I meet in Pottermore are talented duelists and nice, decent folk. All this saying that Hufflepuffs are duffers finally rubbed off, not on me, but on my sister. My sister. Guys, you know how much exposure can change a mere child's way of thinking. When she got her Pottermore account and got into Hufflepuff, she literally bawled her eyes out. She wouldn't stop for me to explain that Hufflepuffs are nice, decent, patient, won the house cup earlier than Ravenclaw/stuff like that. She kept the volume to 100 until I deleted her damn account and made her a new one, where she got into Ravenclaw, but I always secretly think of her as a Hufflepuff--it was her first, true, honest sorting. Seriously, for all I know, she could've chosen the Ravenclaw answers on her second time around and the questions were different--had they been the same, and had she answered honestly again, it would've been Hufflepuff. Again and again. After that little crying scene, I gave up on introducing her to any more sites. Waste of breath, honestly.

Slytherin - I once thought being in Slytherin was bad. Everyone must've thought Slytherin was bad. The problem was J.K. Rowling made it look like no genuinely-likable character would come out of the serpent's house and--as we all like being genuinely-likable--make us come to dislike it. Sure, it was written in Harry's POV, where his mind was corrupted by Hagrid, making him think Slytherins were mostly dark wizards, but perhaps J.K. would've made a believable character in Slytherin who helped Harry out during classes/DA. The only genuinely-likable character from this house is Andromeda Tonks, and we don't know anything about her other than she was a Black family-member, blood-traitor from Slytherin, and married Ted Tonks and had Nymphadora and took care of Teddy.

Things in FFN that You Will Regret Doing if I See Them

1. Horrendously bad grammar: Let us get clear with this--I accept small mistakes,but if you write something that 'lUkz lik diz', expect me to either silently lose faith in humanity or flame you,in which the latter is more common and easier. Really, it is.

2. Mary-on-the-damned-loose-Sue--Okay, I made this mistake in my early writing years, but now it sickens me. You want to create a perfect person? Go to the other side of the universe and see if it helps. If not, well, how many lightyears will it take for you to return? Unless you're the Flash, I can say, after the world ends.

3. Plagiarism - I will burn you. I will burn the HEART out of you (taken from Jim Moriarty)

Favorite Fandoms:

Okay, okay! My primary purpose here is to just hunt my prey (plagiarist sometimes. Songfic-doers [whose lyrics were copyrighted] always). But I started to like Star Wars, especially the prequel (that's all I ever watched.)

1. Star Wars

2. Hetalia-Axis Powers

3. BBC Sherlock

4. Harry Potter

Favorite Pairings

Not sure if I'll ever upload stories here, but I'll give you a heads-up on what I might show.

1. Obi-Wan x Siri--This makes much sense. Really.

2. GermanyxAnyOC--Eh?

3. Lestrolly

4. Adlock

5. Gilderoy Lockhart/Rita Skeeter (What?

Note: All of my current stories will always be a twisted mess full of plot twists and turns, because I don't plan them.

"But, Raven, why don't you make a plan of your story from start to finish?"

Because, hell, if I knew how a story would finish, I won't write it, because I've already played out the whole story in my mind without even bothering to write the actual story. Whereas if I let randomness and shower-induced ideas to drive the car, I'll write the story, and post it here.

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