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Hello all readers and would be readers. I am Bri and myself and my cousin Aly write fanfics, both using this account. Now that i have finally written a fic("poem!" aly says) (Forget About the Boy. just a little ficlet), i can now claim that i write on this account and dont just use it for story alerts (aly says that's about all she does)! Aly has written several fics already. "Collide" , " River called Denial" "Dancing Queen " "Rings of Saturn" and "Masochism". Read them, their great! ...well come to think of it.. if your reading this you probubly have. Pretty awsome.. arent they?? Anywhos, just a little background on my writting. I love Gilmore Girls (LUKE/LORELAI) and hp , tp and potc. check out my favorites. there are some great stories there! Now a word from the co-resident writter..Aly!(aly says "bri do you realize how positivly cheesy that sounds?)

xo Bri!!

no regrets, no promises (savage garden)

Hello, since Bri has already introduced and covered the basics; i seen no piont in indulging myself in retelling my Fics on this page. Rea them and give me feedback and flames, and i'll be happy. I only request that you not send me personal hatmail.

xo. Aly

I am not afraid to keep on living; I am not afraid to walk this world alone (MCR)

Fave Fan fics (Aly): uhm. don't go by my list it hasn't been edited in 2 years. The twilight ones are recent (okay, 2006 or so) and the gilmore girls ones are Bri's. other than that; i like the "mental state" one and the one by pingu. and I don't realy know what half the rest are. Sadly I can track my "Reveiw History" till 2003 so some of the fics I really liked may have been removed, deleated or redone. What a shame. -Aly.

Currently all my stories are considered complete, and i have put them behind me.

Aly would also like to add that all her fanmail and review alerts go strait to Bri, so send more. (a- It annoys her)( b- well i ll just send it all to her anyways.) thanQ.

Sincerly AlyBat and Bri-ob-la-di-ob-la-da.

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