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Hi, I'm just a regular High School 16-year-old girl who has her dreams set on Modeling/Acting/maybe Singing. I also love sports! I got skillz! If only I had it for writing. -;

I write stories for my enjoyment, or whenever I'm bored. _ I don't mind if I get reviews, 'cause I know that I'm not the best writer (not even close to an OK writer. -) And yet, I'm 15.

And I do want to learn to write in more advanced ways. Flames, I don't think I ever got any... Nope. Care to be the first?

Also, I have a FictionPress pen name and it's: Reichelle

Come and join this cool website that's deals with our shitennou and senshi: http:/" target="new"http:/

Fic Stats: Ummm, I've been really busy lately, so I don't know if I'll update soon. Unless I get some inspration, then I don't know. I know that I've been working on this one fic. Probably won't come out till Fall though...

April 12, 2007

WOW! I was such a bad writer...I'm 19 now. I wonder if anyone actually reads this stuff as much as I used to...Anyways I don't know if I should update any of these stories,

1- If anything I should edit all of them to where they don't appear like a 9 year old wrote them.

2- I'm not for sure if anyone cares, therefore...

3) Why should I care?


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