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Hey, there, nerds.

Raven and Rain speaking.

Formerly known as CC Malfoy 17, I've decided to delete every story in my account (except for my dearest Porcelain Doll) and start posting new ones.

Okay, so maybe I haven't posted any new stories, but, hey! An author's gotta' do what an author's gotta' do. And that is to edit. I'm writing stuff, yes, don't you worry, buuuut I think it might take a little while before I actually start updating.

Just so you know, I changed my name because one, it seems kind of... childish. And two, I've got a couple of classmates on my trail who are apparently hunting for my account, this one. And I'd really appreciate it if my identity remains hidden.

So, there.

So, here's a list of my fandoms! :) To make it clear, this is just a list of every thing I am a huge fan of. So don't rip me to shreds if fandoms like Hunger Games or The Secret Series isn't on the list, because I love them, I really do, they're just not on the OH-HOLEY-CUSTARD-IT'S-THE-THING-FROM-THE-FANDOM kind of fandoms. Do you get me?

No? Oh. Well.

Doctor Who - this is what I'd like to call the king of the fandoms. Well. In my list, anyway. I cannot express how much I love this show, and I think that's part of the reason I love it. I've almost never been so painfully speechless in my whole life, I'm a very expressive girl, but when someone asks me to describe Doctor Who, or to tell them why I love it, I end up staring at them, smiling like a fool. I look really weird, yes, and suddenly the story comes alive inside my brain and I just remember every solitary detail of Doctor Who that I've ever stored in my brain and start to cry, and just be completely quiet, until I decide to answer, "I just do." Merlin - dammit, this made me cry. This is the BBC Version, by the way, you know the one with only FIVE SEASONS. It's just very frustrating for me to think about, considering everyone just died, you know? And they had to show Merlin being old and bearded, so that's zero chance of a show with Arthur "rising again". Sherlock - obviously, BBC Version, too. I'm going to stop explaining fandoms now, or I might never finish. : Harry Potter Torchwood Supernatural - I'm not done with this so if anybody just decides to message me with a spoiler, I'm going to throw a fit. Almost anything Neil Gaiman Percy Jackson - even until the Heroes of Olympus series, just to be crystal clear. Les Miserables - I haven't read the book, *cries*. I particularly love the 10th anniversary version of this one. You know, the concert musical? Ruthie Henshall, I absolutely love you. Cats - THE MUSICAL. I like the animals, too, though.
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