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Well I'm not new on this website; I have been a member for awhile. I'll probably comment on your stories. It will be mostly Class of the Titans fanfictions but it will be also on other categories such as Percy Jackson and the Olympians... etc.

I had to get help from someone to post my first fanfiction "We meet again". I still need help with my writing so please be patient with me. If I like your fanfiction I'll probably beg you to continue it. I have done it before and I will.

Now, here's some little information about me:

Favourite Animal: As it says in my name, I love wolves. If you love them too, please feel free to PM me.

Favourite Movies: Percy Jackson and the Olympians; can't wait for the second one to come out.

Favourite TV Shows: It's quite hard; I mostly love cartoons. Mostly it's Class of the Titans. I have a bunch of other shows too...

Favourite things to Do: Writing and reading. And of course let's not forget the "sleeping late" and "waking late"...

Fanfictions I have done so Far: So far I have done "We meet Again"- later on I'll probably do other ones such as a Class of the Titans and Percy Jackson and the Olympians crossover. And so on!

Oh! Did I forget anything? Yes, of course my favourite books: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, The Secrets of the immortal Nichalous Flamel and a few in between. Oh and let's not forget the Kane Chronicles!

Well that's it for now, if you want to contact me just PM me. You can contact me anytime you want but I must warn you... I might take long before I reply your messages. But don't worry I'll sure reply to you when I get the chance!

Before I forget: If you don't like my fanfictions then it's fine. I'm new to putting fanfictions on here; it's a little more difficult than on Wattpad. So please bare with me, thank you.

Sincerely, Wolflover40.

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