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Favorite anime/manga


One Piece




Rental Magica



Fate/Stay Night

The Irregular High School of Magic (Could use more fanfics and crossovers)

Favorite Game

Persona 3

Persona 5


Total War Series

Fate Grand Order

Azur Lane


fire emblem series

It be nice to see more Fate stories that doesn't always have Shirou, Rin, or Saber as the main character. Someone like Ritsuka of fate grand order and I mean the male version would be a nice change of pace.

To many Shirou in fate go stories lately, sad life. The reverse would be nice.


1.) Characters act as they are in canon, I will understand if they do something like get in a relationship only if it is believable.

2.) Epic Battles between characters, Ex. Zoro vs Kenpachi, Luffy vs Natsu, Etc..

3.) Good Humor

4.)A great original storyline


1) Naruto with Powers he shouldn't have. Give Naruto any power he shouldn't have such as, the byakugan, sharingan, rinnegan, kekkei genkai, paramecia, zoan, logia powers, or zanpakuto from Bleach and lets see how fast the Narutards start saying "Good Story Man, Update soon." Because they like seeing a "Naru Sue" kicking people's ass without any kind of plot or story. Then again most people with bad taste keep reviewing like that. Plus settings that naruto and also Harry Potter 100% should not have for example in Dxd crossover they definitely are not God, and naruto is definitely not Charlemange in that one Fate crossover.

2) Another thing on Fanfiction I dislike is yaoi because it is weird and really cringey since this is force upon characters who absolutely have no interest in men unless I guess its canon. I mean seriously guys getting pregnant? Most of bleach, naruto, and other animes fanfiction always have at least a yaoi story. They literally take up a lot of spaces and there is more then a hundred of stories filled with yaoi. I wish there at least be a filter for this. I have nothing against people who like them though, but still not to my taste.

3) Dislike stories that make no sense, characters are OoC, purposely weaken a character, or strengthen a verse when a character say Ichigo lands in fairy tail and suddenly these characters who aren't strong enough to take on a bleach character can handle him/her equally.

4.) Really bad and crappy self-inserts or OC that obviously is just there for wish fulfillment. Cherry on top they have no OC tag either can’t even filter it.

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