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Hello. My name is James. I am almost 17 years old. At the time I’m writing this (March 20, 2016), I’ve had this account for almost four years, and I’ve written everything on it myself over the last two. Two are complete, two are abandoned, one is from when I was 13, and one is currently in progress.

However, I will no longer be posting on this account. I’ve been on AO3 for about a year and a half, and I find it much easier to use and I get much more traffic. I can be found under both angels-and-colors as well as Girlwhodreamed13 in a people search on AO3.

Only one of the works here is posted there (She, now retitled He), along with two other works not posted here, an Undertale fic called RESET, and a Gravity Falls/Undertale crossover called Twin Souls. I may or may not put up Angels Are Watching Over You on AO3, and whether or not I revisit the 30 Day Challenge from summer 2014 is also questionable.

On here, 13 Proposals, Dreamland, and She will be taken down. AAWOY and She Looks So Perfect will be left up because of their reception, as well as 30DOTPC. Don’t worry, I have all of them still saved on my laptop, so if you really want to see and reread them, shoot me an ask on tumblr (angels-and-colors), and I’ll consider it.

After this note goes up, I will wait until tomorrow afternoon to make the above changes. This note can be found on my profile as well.

I hope to see you all on AO3

Love, James

UPDATE 2021!
I'm not returning to FF, just leaving an update that my AO3 is ColoredGayngels, and I've changed this acc name to reflect that! (Also, I'm 21 and engaged now!). Hope to see y'all there.

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