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I appreciate honesty in reviews, and any tips that can be provided considering my inexperience. Also, if you don't like a writing of mine, I would welcome you to tell me why, as well as how I can improve this for you.

Now a fun section:

I'm thinking of writing a story almost completely made using fantasy cliches... No idea how that'd end.

I plan on updating what I can, when I can. So they can be anywhere between semi-frequent and frequent given my average chapter length.

“Without power, knowledge is useless. without knowledge, faith is tyranny. Without understanding, humanity is blind, and without all four, it is doomed.”
L.E. Modesitt Jr., The Parafaith War

Characters I intend to write about:

Maurice (in progress), a Wizard, rather powerful and quite evil.

Terry (Eventually): An archanic (Class I created), can only channel his magical powers through machines he builds, otherwise is just able to manipulate metal to come together as a weapon or armor. Insane, Evil.

Clarence: A rogue turned ghost faced killer... A man who some think is an avatar of fear. Evil.

Bradewyn: A bard with a few mental scars. Is an alcoholic, and surprisingly is not evil. Not necessarily good though.

Here's a fun one: Forensar: A warmage: Like magical Batman... with fire and no problem killing people... and more fire... Neutral. Maybe sadistic.

There are more... But I feel this is enough to list for now.

Advice for would-be critics of my spelling: Read other reviews to see if somebody has already corrected me, and please review with an account name that way I can let you know if I had been corrected or not. I don't bite... Well not people at least.

Hiatus status: Ummm, I seem to be lacking in ideas... and quite usually free time, university and all. If anyone has a doctor who villain they'd like me to give a crack at for a prank then I'll see what I can do (err, pm me of course please)

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