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Hello, my name is Lu and if you've somehow unfortunately found yourself stumbling upon my profile, I welcome you and deeply apologise! My works are characterised by being left incomplete recently, but I hope to rectify this soon!

I'm just your average uni student who happens to spend way too much time thinking about fictional characters and brainstorming fics that I don't have the time to write!

Current works on hold due to uni commitments

You can usually find me hovering around, reading and writing within the following fandoms:

- Vampire Academy (Rose X Dimitri)

- Class of the Titans (Theresa X Jay)

- Sanditon (Charlotte X Sidney)

- Harry Potter (Tonks X Lupin) (Hermione X Viktor)

- Narnia (Susan X Caspian)

- Twilight (Alice X Jasper)

- Reign (Bash X Kenna)

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