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I was utterly ashamed of my fics when I came back to this profile. Utterly ashamed.
They were nothing but illogical crossovers with Garystu!Ranma and Marysue!crossover-girl. :-/
I apologize for anyone who read my old fics and were traumatized for life.

I do not, however, apologize for my yaoi-fied self and future shounen ai fics.
It is not my fault you that you would click on a fic with "SHOUNEN AI" in the summary.

That is all. Hope I can return with a decent fic for you guys!

Murrr... School is evil. And lately fanfic bunnies have left me.

Fanart bunnies are mauling me though.

I'm still attempting to write something. Until then!

Current Obsession: Final Fantasy VII

Status: Hating tests and homework

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