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Hey everybody and Welcome to my Page

I'm a male

Fav TV shows : Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Sense8, Game of Thrones, The Amazing Race, How to get away with Murder, Empire, Family Guy, American Dad, The Boondocks, WWE Wrestling. i have plenty others and theirs so many lol.

Fav Anime: DragonBall Z, Dragonball Super, Dragonball GT, CardCaptors, Pokemon, Sailormoon, Inuyasha, Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tale, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, D-Gray Man, Full Metal Alchemist, JuJu Romantica, School Rumble, Kenaichi, Kyou Kara Maou, Yu-Gi-Oh, The Seven Deadly Sins and plenty more lol

Fav Video Game: Kingdom Hearts franchise, Dragonball Z franchise, Final Fantasy franchise, Naruto Ninja Storm franchise, Mario franchise, Halo, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekkan, Marvel vs Capcom, DC Universe, Mincraft, just to name a few

I love Anime, Video Games, Music, Movies, Reading, love Yaoi, ummm idk what else to write, but hopefully later on down the line i will post more of my fav tv shows, anime, video games, movies and music and other things later :D

My Top Pairings

Teen Wolf - Sterek, Scott x Isaac

Supernatural - Wincest, J2

Bleach - GrimmIchi, Byakuya x Renji, Byakuya x Ichigo, Renji x Ichigo

Dragonball Z - KakaVege, Piccolo x Gohan, Trunks x Goten

Naruto - SasuNaru, Kiba x Naruto, Neji x Gaara, Neji x Kiba, Shikamaru x Kiba, Kakashi x Iruka, Obito x Kakashi

One Piece - Zoro x Luffy, Ace x Luffy

Kingdom Hearts - Riku x Sora, Axel x Roxas

My Hero Academia - KatsuDeku, TodoDeku

Yu-Gi-Oh - Kaiba x Joey (puppyshipping)

Fairy Tail - Gray x Natsu

Inuyasha - InuCest (Sesshomaru x Inuyasha), Koga x Inuyasha

Hunter X Hunter - Hisoka x Gon, Killua x Gon

Pokemon - Comashipping ( Paul x Ash) Palletshipping (Gary x Ash)

Wrestling - Rolleigns (Roman Reigns x Seth Rollins)

Full Metal Alchemist - Roy x Ed

Criminal Minds - Morgan x Reid

I love mpreg (I think it's fascinating and it brings spice to gay pairings) too but only if Stiles, Isaac, Sam/Jared, Naruto, Kiba, Luffy, Ichigo, Renji, Goku (sometimes Vegeta), Sora, Roxas, Deku, Joey, Natsu, Gon, Ash, Seth, Ed, Spencer is prego. Those are my top pairings but my list will eventually grow. That's all for now.

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