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I love to write and play with ideas... I love to write the endings that I want to see.

Since I have seen a lot of less than polite messages regarding this topic, I will tell you now... I write with OCs. I use them to change relationships and to allow for different backstories and a broader range of stories that I can write mixing in characters from the shows that I choose to write about.

I take a lot of flack for using female OCs for the stories that I write for Suits. I like all of the characters on the show. I do not wish to change those established characters. I use OCs so that I can manipulate relationships and change story lines while respecting the characters and the creators of the show. The cast and guests tend to be male centered which is why I write female OCs for my stories related to Suits.

I am not a fan of certain story lines from S5 and S6 which is I have introduced certain characters into my Suits stories so I can tell a different tale.

I like to write strong female OCs in all of my stories regardless of the show I pick. I enjoy writing women in strong roles. Yes, my stories have that commonality to the female OCs that I write. I do not write the same female OC character in each and every story. Strong women have common attributes, my characters have different backstories and different endings and my OCs do not always win. I write strong women with flaws.

I have crossed some of my OCs as secondary characters in various stories for the fun of it... where I have taken the same OC and blended them into multiple TV show stories using the same name by intention and by design. I also embed certain things in all of my stories as a personal signature.

Constructive reviews are always welcome... they lead to new ideas and better stories...

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