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Name: Jana

Age: 28

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What I Write About: AUs. Almost all of my (long) stories will be AU of some sort. Usually, it's just a change that I think should be made: Gohan should totally have been the strongest fighter in DBZ after Cell, or the Doctor and Rose Tyler in the TARDIS (in the original universe) as it should be. I just like to stomp down the official sandcastles and make my own better version in the various fandoms' sandboxes. :)

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28 January 2017

Okay peeps (if anyone's even reading this, of course), I've got two stories in the works. One is almost finished - just a few more scenes and editing to go, titled Occam's Razor. It's a Doctor Who story, but that's all I'm saying. The other is called Multiplicity, and it's also a Doctor Who story. This one is only about 60% done, but it's getting there. Both look like they're going to end being around 60k words long, although M is harder to gauge. I also have a niggling idea of what would most likely be a one-shot for Rogue One, but could possibly become something longer because I can go two different ways with it. Maybe I'll do both and post both...

I'm waiting to post them until they're finished - if you followed along with DP from the beginning, you'll understand why. If not, let's just say that I lost motivation to finish the story for a very long time, something like two years, and I don't want that to happen again.

~ tp

Works in Progress

(The summaries and titles aren't official so much as they're vague descriptions of what might be in there. Fair warning.)

Beginning Again - Rose gets sent back to the beginning to try to stay with her Doctor.

I Create Myself - Bad Wolf made a lot of changes to Rose Tyler when they saved the Doctor. The Doctor and Rose find out what all she can do over the course of S2.

Jailbreak - Rose is broken out of jail by various Doctors, most of whom don't know who she is, only that she's innocent and needs to be freed.

Rescue - Several incarnations of the Doctor are taken as hostages to get to Bad Wolf. After Journey's End.

Singing - Just what kind of ancient songs was the Face of Boe singing while in the hospital?

That Darn Scarf - The Fourth Doctor gets Rose back to her original universe. Obligatory shenanigans ensue.

The Slow Path - Obligatory "Doctor and Rose get stuck in one place for a little bit and their attraction gets the best of them" fic.

The Underground Railroad - The TARDIS brings Rose back during the Year That Never Was. She works from within to bring down the Master's regime.

Unnamed Sherlock Fic - Girl!John, because I want to explore that more. Sherlock and Johnne track a serial killer who is murdering medically discharged soldiers.

If you can't tell, I'm a total Doctor/Rose fan. These aren't all necessarily going to be written - this is just what's on my Google Drive right now. If I don't get them written down/typed up, they swirl around in my head for ages and drive me crazy.

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