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Hey, Readers! I am Loco Vampire, a native Asian self-delusional college student who only gets two days off in a week and loves Rio fandom.

I am randomly responsive to everyone else who has connections with me. I'm a dude, live somewhere in South Asian. Old cultures won't work on me, but I'm peacefully living in our home when the night comes. End my suffering.

My birthday is September 11th. Do not terrorize me with birthday surprises.

Hobbies? Art and music stuffs.

I'll probably do some drawing requests, but I would mind if you asked too much. I'll admit I don't work on request much, I only do when I really feel like it, I don't want to force creativity, that never works. One thing for sure, it will take a while for just a drawing request to be done depending on my mood.

If someone ever asked me: "Who is the hardest character to draw?", then my answer would be Jewel (Rio), knowing she had to look like the most beautiful bird in the world was the toughest part of all.

My YouTube channel:

Visit my blog to see some pictures of Rio FanFiction OCs that I made here: Loco Vampire Blogspot

You can also see some of them in my Deviantart: G-Aryana007

Nicknames of Mine : Loco, Lococo, Locococo, Locolocoloco. But you can call me the new Master of the Eternity!

Some TV Series that I love :

- Gravity Falls (Seriously, if you are a fan of this cartoon, we have a lot to discuss :D)

- BBC’s Sherlock

- Over the Garden Wall

- The Amazing World of Gumball

- Stranger Things

- Star VS. The Forces of Evil

- Rick & Morty

Yeah I love seeing movies too :

- For a live-action movie : Every Marvel Cinematic Universe film. #MarvelFanboy YEAH HATE ME!

- For an animated movie : The first Rio

Favorite Actors : Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Eisenberg, Johnny Depp, Jay Baruchel

Favorite Books : The Maze Runner series, The Lord of The Rings

Favorite Games : The Walking Dead Game, CoD: World of War, Legend of Spyro

Favorite Characters : Blu (Rio), Sherlock Holmes (BBC'S Sherlock), Lee Everett, Clementine (The Walking Dead Game), Newt (The Maze Runner)

Favorite Villains : Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls), Ultron (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Jim Moriarty (Sherlock)

Favorite YouTube channels : PewDiePie, Pyrocynical, h3h3productions

Main OC:

Neville "Joseph" Wayne, Scarlet macaw. (Lake-foam eyes, which match the small amulet on his neck, relatively at normal height, hairstyle like Bia's, a medium scar across his chest, he is somehow resemblance with Felipe.)

Voice cast: Danny McBride

Close canon character: Jewel

Loves: Bleeds red, green, and blue.

With three different personalities, the existence is in three different universes:

1# Take a side quest in the time where bird-dragons exist, and he will be an eccentric, insane, possibly psychopathic and physically irreverent evil wizard who finds most things amusing (although no one is really sure why). He's outrageous and outlandish, as well as a quick talker and thinker. Though he may come across as simply annoying, he's not to be taken lightly; when angered, he's a force to be reckoned with. Being an evil wizard, he will live the world of living nightmares.

Items collected: Three magical gems (Light blue, blood red, and the amulet that he has)

First appearance: Alexriolover95's Medieval Adventures Chapter 5 - Part 3: An Evil Wizard

Status: Erased in the Dream World

2# Join some birds with some video-game super powers, and you will see him as a comedic macaw, although this appears to be caused in part by his mental illness. He is quick to act without thinking and is very impulsive. He used to present a morally grey personality, with no problem of disregarding other people. Sometimes he regained his conscience, to the point of even feeling bad for somebody being verbally abused. He also got some friends and family that he is loyal and cares about.

Items collected: Nebi's Journal; Nodachi, a giant Japanese sword that is longer than his own body

First appearance: Alex The Owl's Armageddon Chapter 19: Reinforcement

3# Or you can just find him in my bedroom...


Slacker... Just do not attempt to feed.

Update: Neville doesn't exist. It's all in my head. The voices won't stop. HELP! 0Y #&%(#@#

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