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Hi! I'm Little Miss Chess. No, I'm not good at playing chess. Yes, it's short for Cheshire- as in the Cheshire Cat. I made my profile pic, so don't use without permission! Of course, the Cheshire Cat belongs to Lewis Carrol, and I don't own the rights to him... Wow, I just made a disclaimer on my own profile. FF is affecting me. Anyway...

I'm a big fan of Danny Phantom. I used to watch it all the time when it was running. I mean, a kid who's a half ghost superhero, with ghost hunting inventors for parents, a paranormal paralell world filled with ghostly allies and enemies, a half-ghost arch-enemy frootloop who is in desperate need of a cat... What's not to like? Well, maybe the fact that there were only three seasons... *pouts*

So. I'll probably write most, if not all of my stories in the DP universe.

Like pretty much anyone else on this site, I write fanfiction to get ideas out of my head and onto paper. And to see what you guys think of them, of course. I'm writing these stories mostly for pleasure and, well, because I love the show. Most of my writing skills are borrowed from reading too many books and way too many fanfictions. So please, feel free to critique! I need opinions. Not flames, though. No one likes flames.
Edit: On second thought... Yeah, go ahead and flame. Just be sure to elaborate on why you think the story sucks; don't just say you hate it. If nothing else, I'll see it as concrit.

Some things about me:

Species- Human

Gender- Female

Favorite shows- Danny Phantom, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Teen Titans, Adventure Time, Mythbusters

Favorite movies- Corpse Bride, Inception, Wreck-It Ralph, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Over the Hedge, anything claymation, anything by Pixar.

Favorite books- Alice's adventures in Wonderland, Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson series, anything Dr. Seuss (what can I say? I'm nostalgic.)

Favorite games- Pikmin, LoZ series (fav. is Majora's Mask), Kirby series (fav- Airride), Pokemon Leaf Green, Mario series (fav- Super Mario Sunshine)

Favorite music artists/groups- Linkin Park, Cold Play, Of Monsters and Men, Florence and the Machine, Foster the People, Jonsi, My Chemical Romance, Muse, All-American Rejects, Green day, many more I wish to name...

Favorite animal- cat :3

Favorite exotic animal- red panda ...or fire ferret ;)

Hobbies- drawing, doodling, making jewelry, reading, making people laugh, contemplating the meaning of life, sleeping

Fanfiction Related:

I try to update stories often, though the exact definition of "often" still eludes me.

I don't hold chapter updates for ransom; I will update when the next part is written or when I feel it's time to update- whether or not I get as many reviews as I was hoping for. However, reviews may motivate me to update sooner ;)

I accept constructive critisism. Always room for improvement, right?

I will always (try to) reply to a review or PM.

I think it's a shame when people let fanfics go unfinished. Therefore, I will only work on one, maybe two fics at a time (excluding one-shots and drabbles). This doesn't mean I'm fresh out of ideas- I have tons of stories planned, just wait.

I reeeeeeaaaaaallllllly like getting feedback for my work. A lot.

I don't have a Beta Reader, though I am open to getting one if anyone is interested... hint hint ;)

I'm still fairly new to Fanfiction.

Ships I Like:

DxS AmethystOcean- This is about the only pairing I really ship for DP. If I write anything in the romance genre, I can practically guarantee it wil be for this ship.

As for other ships, I am pretty open minded. If I find a good enough fic about a particular pairing, I'll probably end up liking it ;)

Current Projects:

Upcoming chapters of TDTM, various drabbles and one-shots, developing story ideas that are swimming in my head constantly, drawing DP fanart.

is suffering from writer's block*


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