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Ok well what to write! I've been reading fanfiction on this site since 2009 and finally decided to open an account. I have tried my hand at writing my own fan fiction however I struggle in the disaplin part as well as spelling and gramma which I think is obvious but despite this I love to read. I have to say the real reason why I've finally started up an account is due to Sensara who is completely amazing and really is inspiring so thank you to you Sensara for your amazing stories so from now on it wont be anomilus reviews from myself and I can also bug you about updating your stories via messaging now. ;)

My all time favourite things to read are Star Trek (normally featuring a Vulcan male and Human female), Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings (though it has to have a female character inserted so normally I love crossovers), Pride and Predijuice (my favourite book in the world and also my obsession but to this day I'm still unsure how you spell it), and finally Beyblade (I know random). The one thing that connects all these is that I am a romantic which means they have to have romance in them or hint at it or I will lose interest and quickly.

Wow! So I havent updated this in a while, only took till July 2020 to post my first story. Thank you Lonely Looney for giving me the push. So anyway naturally I started with my first love Star Trek, absolutely love it.

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