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Hey people!!!My name is Dasiah, umm... idk what to say here.

I plan on posting a couple of stories I have for a couple months now...that is if I get the courage. I mean I'm not sure their good enough to posted...

You know you're on FanFiction too much when...

1) You stay up so late reading/writing that the last time you looked at the clock it was 10:30, only to discover that it is 3:00 the next time you look

2) Your grade drops by a whole letter in one of your classes because you blow all your work off in that class to go on FanFiction

3) When you enter your preferred settings in the story search-engine, and discover you recognize most of the titles listed below

4) You have nothing better to do than read other writer's bios.

5) You shrugged and say 'yeah' every time you read one of the lines on this list

6) You didn't notice that number 3) looks like a sleeping face

7) You now noticed that you didn't notice and are envious of it because it sleeps more than you

8) You make a list saying "you know you're on FanFiction too much when..."

9) you found the last line funny

10) you now want to copy and paste this into your profile to see how many other people spend too much time on fanfiction...or at least for a laugh at the last 3 lines of this :)

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