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My favorite anime is Naruto, but I do like Bleach, Yu-gi-oh (all of them), Dragon Ball (all of them)

My favorite fan-fiction that I mostly read is Naruto.

Favorite Pairing:


I'm a die hard NaruSaku fan. Sue me. Lol

Why I Write:

I love writing. It gives me the power to write however I want and whatever I want. I would be lying if I said that I don't care about reviews all that much because I do care what my readers have to say as long as they don't flame me since those people in my opinion don't look beyond the mistakes 'What if Sakura Never Hated Naruto' is my first story and I realize that I made mistakes at the beginning, but I have seriously improved. I love to have Minato and Kushina alive and when I do I change how they appear in the story and when. I also like to have Tayuya and Karin becoming Leaf Ninja since Tayuya is a bad-ass and with the right training so could Karin. If you don't like that I apologize, but you don't have to read it.

I am currently working on writing four-six more stories and I am not sure when I will get them posted since I am trying to get multiple chapter's done so that I'm not rushed to get them on this site.

Change for the Better:

This is a time travel fic that takes place after the war with Obito (Madara's real name for those who didn't know) Kurama tells Naruto and Sakura about a time travel jutsu to save everyone including their child that was killed. Main Pairings: NaruSaku ShikaIno others later on.

NaruSaku New Beginning:

This takes place when Naruto and Sakura are five years old and are being chased by a mob of villagers. Before they are attacked though a mysterious man stops them and takes them on a training trip along with a reinstated Jonin. Main Paring: NaruSaku. Team 7 Naruto Sakura Shikamaru. Kakashi is their sensei. Not 'dead-last'.

Naruto has a Bloodline:

This takes place before the Chunin exams begin and Naruto and Sakura are training and Naruto awakens an Uzumaki Ocular Jutsu (Not Rinnegan). Naruto finds out his heritage from Sarutobi and moves into the compound. Kakashi starts to act like a sensei after a talk with Naruto and Sakura.

I also have a couple more that don't have names yet.

No Name 1:

This takes place during the sealing only Kurama didnt' attack the Leaf...What do you mean you may ask. Well there is no akatsuki and Kushina got Kurama under control so he wouldn't attack. Sarutobi does the sealing. Living Kushina and Minato, good council still evil Danzo though.

No Name 2:

Starts the night before and the day of the Genin graduation. Team 7 becomes the first team with two sensei's and 8 genin or is it 8. Kurama gives Naruto and Sakura a Bloodline and two other's as well. (Not Rinnegan) knows heritage and Naruto is not 'dead-last'

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