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I'm a Friends fan. It's been one of my favorite shows of all time for many, many years, and now that it's been over for almost a decade, I'm still hopelessly obsessed. Phoebe is my favorite character, (Joey's my 2nd fave).

And if you can't tell, I ship PhoebexJoey (aka Phoey). They are my OTP. Most of my fics are about them, and what could have been, had they been together on the show. I had been rooting for them to be together since their first kiss in S1, and I'll never forgive the writers of the show for not letting that happen. So far, three of my fics tie into each other as sort of an AU, where Phoebe and Mike split, and she marries Joey instead. ("All In Good Time My Love" "The One With Joey and Phoebe's Baby" and "The One Where Phoebe and Rachel are Pregnant".) Nothing against Mike, personally. I liked him (who doesn't love Paul Rudd?), and liked him with Phoebe, but always felt Joey was better suited for her.

I like other ships, besides Phoey, but it's obviously my favorite. The only ship I really don't care for at all is JoeyxRachel, although I respect that some people do like it, I've never been partial to it, myself.

So please enjoy my fics! And just FYI, I LOVE getting reviews. :)

Oh...and to avoid having to repeat myself many times, here's my Disclaimer, pertaining to all of my fics: I do not own the show. I am not associated with it or it's characters. If I were, I would have a lot of money, and live in a hand-shaped mansion, with Joey Tribbiani...while Phoebe lived in the thumb, of course. ;)

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