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Hello there, And welcome.

Just a little bit of intro. As you all know, I'm Dazellax. I love reading, but most of the time I'm drawing. Drawing usually relaxes me, as well as writing. Music is the only thing that I can escape with, to my writing. Most of the time I'm inspired by music, and sometimes art as well. Anime makes everything much more easier to write sometimes. Well, sometimes. I don't do much in school, and I most certainly don't socialise very much. But I try, most of the time when I'm with somebody I'm comfortable with.

Born in 2001, November 11th. I play the piano and a little bit of the guitar. Pretty much shy at most times, but tried to be confident. When I write something, I try to continue. But sometimes I might jump from one fic to another. So basically, if I felt like writing my other stories, then I do it. And there will be no need for you guys to kinda get mad at me for that because I've already explained it, alright?

If I don't start updating in a while, the possibilities are;
1. Writer's block.
2. No internet.
3. Traveling(of course, I will be informing you about this.)
4. Busy with school.
5. Exams...

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