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I am Glaceon Mage, but you may call me Glac, Glace, Glaceon, or GM. Currently reviving this account. Yeah.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please please PLEASE do not leave anonymous reviews on my stories. They will be deleted. As soon as I note them. Not signing reviews is pretty impersonal and I don't like it, I wanna know who you are, y'know?

If you want to review, sign in to do so. Thank you to those who cooperate with this request.


Waver Velvet's Guide to Being an Insignificant Extra - Waver is a random muggleborn bystander to the events of Harry Potter. Ridiculous title for a not-very ridiculous (probably) story. Currently working on getting through the Prologue, which will cover up until the end of Philosopher's Stone (or Sorcerer's Stone, whatever you want to call it) timelinewise.

Proto is kinda feeling miserable right now, so Chapter 9 is delayed until he cheers up. Proto provides a lot of criticism on chapters so I do not feel comfortable publishing chapters before he looks over them.

I will continue only updating Saturdays, though...

Most of my non-Insignificant Extra stuff is really old and probably bad. Except Sketched Language. I still really like rereading Sketched Language because it is cute friendship fluff. Or something like that.


FRIENDSHIP. Like really. I love FRIENDSHIP. I personally find purely platonic interactions to be way more interesting to read than romantic ones, I've discovered over the years.

And not only that, I feel much more comfortable writing friendship than romance. Because I'm not averse to being friends with people, unlike how I am with romance.

That's not to say I don't enjoy the occasional romance fic. I do read them from time to time, if it's good.

I also like murder mysteries, I think. I can't write them at all, but I can read them.


Apparently people like to ship. So do I to a degree.

Because I am a person who avoids romance personally, I won't be writing much in the way of pairings into my newer work. There are no planned romantic plots in Insignificant Extra, anyway. At least not for Waver.

As for what I'll read, I'm pretty open about pairings these days, mostly. For the most part, the main points:

- No antagonist/protagonist. It makes no sense. The exception is if it's very very obviously shown why it's unhealthy. So like, say there's a fic where Gil manages to capture Artoria at the end of Fate/Zero and holds her captive. Being around Gil for any extended period is sure to drive Artoria insane and being held captive is just gonna make that worse. Contrast the decline in mental health with someone perfectly sane, to show that the victim is not in a good mental state.

- No OC/Canon character. It's the author dreaming about hooking up with their favorite... next. Ship your OC's with other OC's


- Original Characters at the center. This is mostly because it's so, so often done really poorly, but besides that, it's because I read fanfic to see my favorite canon characters do things. If you're gonna write original characters, then develop your own world to go with them. Something like that. However, OC's for fleshing out the setting are fine, if you have no one in canon who can fill the role.

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