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Hey, there, Ninjago/Cole lover! Thanks for stopping by!

This is not well organized, but neither am I. What follows is an explanation of my canon changes, a list of my OCs, then haiku, a little trivia about Turning-Points, and a message about self-harm and suicide. (After writing Champion's Bane and traumatic incidents happened to people I know, I felt I had to include that last bit.)

My "alternate universe". (Live a little, suspend reality, use your imaginations in all things, and do not be too tightly wound.) Everything--besides Lego Ninjago and it's characters--my stories, my other characters, my imagination, is mine, mine, mine! If you don't like that Lloyd is not the Green Ninja and gets to be a playful, young boy, enjoying his childhood like he should, then don't read my stuff!!

In my Ninjago world (and I don't own LEGO Ninjago, darnit), Arwyn is my OC, a young nurse with chocolate-brown eyes, long, wavy, black hair and a medium build who taught self-defense classes part-time. She was sought out in Ninjago City by Sensei Wu and was determined by the golden weapons of Spinjitzu to be the Green Ninja of legend.

All of the ninja are in their early twenties.

Pythor survived the Great Devourer's digestive system and escaped.

I didn't like that Lloyd, a young boy, couldn't be a young boy and was going to have to do something as horrible as fight his own father. The way I play it, "Child's Play" did not end with Lloyd growing up. He is ten years old in Turning-Points and is not the Green Ninja, although he has great potential to be a master of elements. He ages like a regular kid throughout my stories.

"Wrong Place, Wrong Time" happened very differently for Arwyn and the guys as the golden weapons were not destroyed.

My stories in chronological order (since I just started writing and posting without regard for chronology, like an idiot...):


Champion's Bane (meaning 'knight's' or 'guardian's curse')


Body Swap

My OCs in Turning-Points and Champion's Bane (spoilers to my stories may follow):

-Arwyn Rie Saito-23-year-old RN, blah, blah, blah...

-Ryo and Sora Saito-farming couple in Miyagi-in their mid-fifties; adoptive parents of Arwyn

-Mave Sidhe ( mah vay shee)-biological mother of Arwyn; sidhe means 'fairy' in Irish-unknown age when she passed away-Could have been 25, could have been 200...

-Sofiya Iskall-25-year-old yoga instructor in Ninjago City; best friend of Arwyn; lover of Zane Julien; 'iskall' means' icy or freezing' in Swedish

-Renata LeFeu (re NAH teh le fuh)-22-year-old law student and intern in Ninjago City; girlfriend of Kai Tanaka; Renata is my sister's name; 'feu' means 'fire' in French

-Dr. Jin Kita-former employer of Arwyn, in early thirties; reminds me of Adam Levine for some reason.

-Keiji Endor-24-year-old former boyfriend of Arwyn

-male owner of Doomsday Comix

-female owner of vintage-jewelry store

-male owner of dojo in brown gi-DUH. Dareth. (not an OC, I know)

-Remy Granger-23-year-old former classmate of Arwyn; farmhand employed by Ryo

-Gaia Narkissistós -forty-something mother of Cole Montanaro; wife of Luciano Montanaro; 'narkissistós' means 'narcissist' in Greek

-Hiro-15-year-old villager bitten by Fangpyre and made to work with Skalidor and Acidicus' soldiers at the Castle of Poisoned Dreams; released by Cole and Kai in the tower, he was told to run fast when he got away to transform back to a human (raising heart rate apparently reverses Fangpyre's bite)

-Nonna-Cole's paternal grandmother-deceased

-black-haired, and brown-haired, 8-year-old boys seen in Cole's last dream of the future-The first is Adamo Saito-Wu Montanaro, son of Cole and Arwyn. The Italian meaning of 'Adamo' is 'son of earth'. The other boy who resembles Cole? Hmm... ;) I hope I can write about them later.

A few interesting facts about things I wrote in Turning-Points (at least they're interesting to me). MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS TO TURNING-POINTS:

Arwyn is named after Arwen, the Elvish princess of Rivendell in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings saga.

Arwyn's occupation was inspired by that of a close family member. All of the references to any physical or mental health information are from this person's knowledge and experience, with backup from reliable sources on the internet.

Certain people in my immediate family are stuck in the '80's, so I've seen a few movies. Hence the references to Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Princess Bride and Arwyn's hometown of Miyagi (guess the movie?).

Renata, Castor, Reed, and Benoit are all names affiliated with my family in some way or another.

Cole's birthday is that of my favorite actor.

Arwyn runs because I do, and I wish I could stick to yoga and tai chi regimens.

Cole is Italian since I love all things Italian!

Purple is my favorite color...If you hadn't noticed.

Cole is my ideal romantic guy--a knight in shining armor...*sigh*. Soft heart, rough edges, protective, passionate, loving, adoring, loyal, chivalrous, but doesn't want to be controlled (although he's wrapped around Arwyn's finger, he still insists he's wearing the pants... Until she gets them off ;). I could go on and on...

Some readers may have thought that Cole's occasional losses of control were out-of-character, but, on the contrary, it shows the intensity of his feelings for Arwyn, and how even the most calm and well-controlled person has a breaking point if they feel strongly about something or someone. Even our Lord Jesus Christ lost it once in the temple marketplace.

ElvishQuest is a variation on the name of an awesome fantasy graphic novel I discovered which was written several years ago. I highly recommend ElfQuest by Wendy and Richard Pini. Wonderful!

Twinings' Earl Grey with bergamot and Yogi Tea's Mayan Cocoa Spice (Kai had it before he kissed Arwyn) are my favorite teas. I love hot mochas, too.

I'd like to see all of the ninja in thin, damp, cotton shorts...

I wish I could speak Italian and more French.

If the id, ego, and superego thing confused you, read a little about psychology theory.

I love the forest just like Arwyn. I live and run in one!

A couple of lines from movies appear, too, like the castle-storming one ("Princess Bride") and the thing about the twisted giblets ("Bolt"!).

Like Arwyn and Cole, I like to sketch. Only wish I was better at it...

Cafe Soos is a play on words, sounding like Zeus, since it was a Greek-Lebanese restaurant, but spelled like the character in a favorite cartoon, "Gravity Falls".

Did you get that Cole's 'Long Island Iced Tea' was actually a plain cola? ;)

The Cool Beans Coffee Shop was the name of a place I saw while on a trip once.

Arwyn and Cole have had so many scenes where they sleep together (without having sex) because I think it's incredibly romantic and trusting to be able to totally let your guard down and become absolutely vulnerable with someone like that without actually 'doing the deed'.

Ryo and Sora are very much like my parents...'nuff said.

I named Cole's mother Gaia, because, in Greek mythology, Gaia was, essentially, the Earth, or, at least, goddess of Earth, and mother of the Titans, Giants, and sea-gods, as well as other forms of life on Earth. She was also very promiscuous.

Thank God for the internet as a research tool. 'Nuff said, again.

Arwyn's former boyfriend, Keiji, attempted to force her to have sex with him. This is date rape and can happen to males or females. Arwyn did it wrong by not telling authorities, only a friend, and lying to her parents. She did it right by fighting back and assuring him he wouldn't get away with it if he tried it again. HOWEVER, authorities should have been notified, and she should have gotten some kind of counseling for the abuse. Victims need help and rapists should be stopped. Be vigilant to keep it from happening. Get help if, God forbid, it does.

I imagine Cole reflecting on the song "Just For" by Nickelback when he thinks about Keiji.

I am intrigued by European medieval and Renaissance history and architecture, hence the castle setting (thirteenth-century Harlech Castle in Wales) for Arwyn and Lloyd's imprisonment.

I love cake and think it should be served at every meal...off of Cole's chest.

The text between Cole and Jay where Jay mentions 'Lassie' and 'Timmy' falling in the well refers to the old TV show of Lassie, the collie, and her owner Timmy who was always getting in trouble and whom she rescued often. Never saw it, but it's like an icon.

Look up a video of the Harlem Shuffle (not Shake!). Imagine tall, dark, handsome, and sexy Cole doing it. mmmmmm...

Arwyn's thinking 'I have to have faith… faith that moves mountains! All I have right now is my faith that he’s still alive, the hope that I can get him out, my love for him… and his for me. Our love will protect, trust, endure, it will never end. Without it, I am nothing,' while desperately trying to get to Cole is derived from 1 Corinthians 13. Love that chapter!

Cole begins his tango lesson with Arwyn to the Argentine-tango piece called "Nada" by Fabio Hager Sexteto. So romantic and bittersweet...Like the ending of my book...

If there's anything you'd like to know more about, feel free to PM me:)

Also, the meaning of the symbols on the new uniforms (for the Final Battle) was really bugging me (I could find no Japanese characters to match), so I emailed LEGO and got the response below, but I have since found that the characters are adaptations of letters in the Fusaka font!

"Thank you for contacting us regarding our products. On traditional japans garments in the feudal era the warriors (samurai) used to have family crests embroidered into the silk lapels. In combination with the color of their garments it would show their rank and their family, so that commoners would know whom they were showing respect to. And other nobles would be able to recognize what family background the person they spoke to had. That way they could glean if it was an influential or rich person worth befriending or if it was someone belonging to a rival clan.

For Ninjago it is a similar approach, each of the Ninjas has his own symbol, very likely tied to the element they command. In combination with the color of the garment the children are then easily able to see which ‘group or element’ that Ninja belongs to, what powers he has and what his name is. ( The symbols are not Chinese characters that have an actual meaning, they are just graphic symbols)"



Cutting is not harmless. It may grant one temporary relief from their emotional pain, but it solves nothing, and in the long run, it leaves more than just physical scars. A sufferer/cutter should get help for the underlying problem, the reason you feel you need to cut.

You may doubt it, but there is AT LEAST one person nearby who loves you and cares.

Double-Edged (modern haiku) 7-17-14

pain I suffered (silently)

cuts I made (secretly)

others’ tears bled through

[The pain you try to control by creating more causes those who love you (and there IS at least one person out there!) to suffer, too.]

Suicide or a suicidal attempt is the most common serious action of mental and emotional disorders. It is a final and most drastic step toward attempting to cope, manage, or deal with a problem. In 2007, approximately 34,000 people in the U.S. alone died by suicide.

This means that every 15 minutes someone died from self-inflicted causes. This is an even greater problem for younger people. In the 10- to 24-year-old age group, it is the third-leading cause of death, and many more suicide attempts are made than completed. (CDC, 2010)

If you know someone who may be depressed or stressed, and you think they may be contemplating hurting themselves, don’t be afraid to ask them if they are.

To paraphrase Winter’s Realm, author of “On A String”, you may just be knocking down the wall they have put up in the hopes of having someone care enough to try to take it down. This will not give them the idea and spur them on. Tell a trusted person who can help if someone you know is having these thoughts, and if you are hurting and thinking about suicide or cutting, please talk to someone who can help or at least tell a friend who can get it for you.


I'll cut to the chase

Wednesday night the 13-year-old daughter and only child of a coworker of mine took her own life.

Supposedly it was due to bullying on social media and at school, and she had been having problems for months with oppositional antics here and there. But to resort to this?

The news was delivered to our team by my supervisor who lost her 14-year-old stepson last February in the same way.

If they had time to plan a method and write notes with the family in the house, why not go out and say, "I'm thinking of doing this"?! A life is extinguished traumatically, a family and community are devastated, and nothing is solved.

I cannot fathom this...My heart is so heavy...I don't know what to say...

If you're having problems, no matter your age, please tell someone and get help, even if it's with a stranger.
Call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or call 911 immediately.

Please, please don't do this to yourself, and get help immediately for anyone you know who is contemplating hurting themselves.

We can't give people the message that they shouldn't bother to seek help for bullying. If no one shouts out, the bullies continue to win. Ambivalence, taking it lying down, not reacting to people's hatefulness, is just as much to blame as a bully's behavior.

Also, many believe that no one will care about or understand their misery, so they suffer in silence. That is simply not true. They may not have voiced their pain to the right person. They should never stop asking for help.

Every life is precious. Each of us is beautiful. All our flames are bright and should shine forth, not be extinguished by our own hands.

God bless, and namaste~

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