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September 17th 2013,

updated April 13 2020...

My how the years have flown by.. so much has happened in these few years and yet FF remains solid and ever growing.. thankfully, especially in this current time.

I want to quickly thank all the writers out there because without your pieces i would hate to imagine what Isolation would look like.

Name is Julie Grey, I'm a 30 year old Sicilian/Australian..

Since making this profile its been updated a few times, the last time was in February 2017, well since then i got divorced, got engaged and became a mother of 2 under 2 who love it when i read them stories from FF.

I am one of those Mothers who will curl up in my little library with a single malt whiskey and do nothing but read on my ipad for hours on end, be it that or screwing up my sleeping pattern because one of my fave authors has posted a new story and i havent gone to bed till around 4-5am, even then i barely sleep as my eldest is up by 6 lol.

I have a variety of FF I enjoy reading and again I want to thank all the amazing writers out there for making me a happy lady for a few hours every day.

Stay safe, Wash your Hands!


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