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Updates are bi-weekly to monthly for the most part depending on the story. Current editing several of my fics/thinking about scrapping and starting over most of them.

My chosen nouns are he/him/his. I really wonder if anyone reads these tbh.

Age:old enough to have grown up watching Ed Edd n Eddy.

One thing you'll notice about my fics are that they're never about the main protagonist of whatever world I'm diving into. I prefer to write about minor or side characters who I loved, or fictional worlds i feel deserve some love on this site.

I put out into the world what I would want to see.

Check out my favorites list for some awesome fics, like forreal. There’s a lot of crap on this site and I’ve been on it for a long time. That being said, that thousand or so stories gave my quality guarantee. If you read something off my favorites and didn’t like it, PM me and I’ll take it off. I swear.

Reminder to always hop out of yo bed and turn your swag on to start the day. Also, if you’re that person on the fence about writing something and posting on it, do it. i promise you it gets (somewhat) easier after that. I think its worth it if you have any interest in writing.

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