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Well. I thought I'd edit my profile, since it's about four years out of date by now.

Random info about me: I'm a girl, and I'm in finally in college. Took long enough.

I love Terry Pratchett (and all things to do with Discworld/Good Omens), Lord of the Rings, anime and manga, video games, Jrock music/Visual Kei, Miyavi--and more, of course, but it's really not practical to list everything that I enjoy.

"The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you'll never find it."

So, I said that I was gonna be working on my stories, but I think that's pretty much shot. They are on hiatus bordering on dead. Sorry.

I don't think it's "bordering on dead" anymore, I think my stories really are dead. My interests have changed rather a lot since I started writing the two stories I have posted. Not that I really think anyone cares at this point, considering it's been about four years since I last updated...

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