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Well, my name is Kaitlyn but you can call me Katie. I am bisexual and don't care for your opinions on my lifestyle. I like to draw, read, listen to music, watch anime and T.V. shows. Some of my favorite anime/TV shows and characters from said shows are:

-Angel Beats: Noda
-Ao no Exorcist: Rin and Shima
-Black Butler: Finnian and Pluto
-Code Geass: Suzaku, Lelouch and Kallen
-Corpse Princess: Ouri and Makina
-Death Note: Matt
-Law and Order:SVU: Olivia
-Moonshiners: Tickle
-N.C.I.S: Abby
-Ouran High school Host Club: The twins and Mori
-Reborn!: Hibari
-And lots more. I could tell you all of my favorite anime/TV shows but it would take to long.

Right now I am currently going through chemo therapy so it may take me a while to get stories and chapters out. If you want to know more about me you'll have to PM me.

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