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About me

I enjoy a wide range of music, going as far as Abba and Sabaton, to Nightcore and Classical as well as Celtic and Viking-style music. The last addition came while I was in New Zealand. Spending time abroad somehow made me far more invested in the cultural roots of my people, and even had me consider Asatru over Christianity. It's a matter of values, really, seeing as I believe in neither deities.

Games and Movies, Series and books, I live and breathe for them all. Games are mostly science-fiction oriented games, going from RPG's like Mass Effect to MMORPG's like EVE Online. Movies have to carry a certain message for me to really remember them, while the vast majority of the series I watch are Anime with heavy reliance on shounen and romance, as well as Supernatural. Mostly, though, I am a sucker for a good romance.

Books, oddly enough, are at this point something I find myself writing as much as reading, and I have found just as many pieces of art on this side as in any bookstore I have visited, proving the awesomeness of Fanfiction.

I also am a certified shit-poster, meme-crafter and proper, proud Kekistani citizen.

Favorite stories right now:

Misplace your Cities

A world of bloody Evolution

Stories currently in the works:

Talia -Book 2 (Protectores Mundus was more like 1.5)

Upcoming projects:

Imperii Invictus - Elder Scrolls/Warhammer 40k crossover.
It is the year 5E117. The Empire of Nirn, unified by the hand of Emperor Arstorian August, has found itself returned to an Imperium lost to history, beyond the reaches of the world they call home. Made an Imperial world by creed and law, Nirn must now pay its tithes as a Feudal World in flesh and steel, supplementing precious ore with hardened Legionaries. Centurion Felix Damrien leads the his kinsmen against a galaxy set on the Humanity's extinction, setting fear to the hearts of their foes with the ancient battlecry: "For the Emperor!"

Wasteland Magick-Man - Elder Scrolls/Fallout 4 crossover.
Martin never wanted a life of excitement. At most, he wanted recognition for his studies into the properties of pseudo-arcane components implemented into advanced alchemy. For his troubles, he was given exactly what he wanted the least, but perhaps needed the most.

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