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"Self-doubt is a writer's worst enemy."

To me, one thing a writer can get from posting on here is encouragement to keep writing, which usually comes from feedback from the readers, whether it be constructive criticism or delightful praise, it doesn't matter. Knowing that some readers appreciated our work is usually enough.

The name's Mikarin Aoi. Please just call me Aoi (Ah-Oh-Ee).

I'm a complicated, misunderstood, open-minded Asian lady who wishes to at least publish one book before I die to immortalize my real name. Don't try too hard to understand me. I'm as complex and as complicated as anyone can get. Which usually shows in my writings. All my writings are always somehow connected to my life. Everything I write is a part of who I am. By uploading my stories, I’m putting my work and myself up for judgment, like every other writer out there. Please keep that in mind every time you leave a review on any story.

What I look for and appreciate the most in reviews on any of my fanfics are only 2 things: what you thought of the story and what you think of my writing.

I love writing. I've been writing stories ever since I was 9 years old. I started writing fanfics when I was around 11 after I found out about this site through my sister. I write and post on here to improve myself as a writer by way of feedback from my readers, and the reviews I receive are my measure on whether I'm already good enough to be published.

As a writer – I’m very meticulous with what I write. It’s part of my Obsessive-Compulsiveness. I only write either romantic/dramatic stories or sad/dark/angsty/twisted/psychological stories that involve harsh topics that are usually uncomfortable to some of my readers. I mostly write M-rated stories. And I seemingly like writing/exploring the dark personalities of fictional characters.

If you like the way I write stories and would like to request something to be written, just send me a message. I'll try working on it if it suits my twisted mind.

Currently working on:

Repercussions, a sherlock fanfic

Stay, a resident evil fanfic

I also have a fictionpress account @ and a blog @ mydespairingmelancholy dot wordpress dot com and you can ask me anything @ ask dot fm/MikarinAoi

My gravatar profile: en dot gravatar dot com/mydespairingmelancholy (easiest way to check all my links)

I love reading. As a reader – I’m very picky with stories. If a story is not well-written, I tend to skip it. My favorite author is Judith McNaught.

What kind of stories I like: I mostly only read M-rated fics and complete ones. There are very few exceptions. I prefer stories that have fewer chapters, though they are long chapters. That's usually how my stories are too. I love one-shots. They're easy and quick reads. I like stories that are sad, have bad endings, are angsty, involve a lot of pain, and all that. I love psychological and dark stories with lots of fucked up characters. I love stories about the love of a husband and wife. But I also love stories about dysfunctional relationships. Also... I love stories on anything controversial/sensitive.

As a reviewerIf you review my stories, I'll review yours, when I get the time to do so. I leave reviews on fanfics that I liked. My reviews may be quite lengthy at times. I will tell you what I liked about your story, what didn’t work for me, what you could improve on, and whatever honest comments I have in mind, I’ll say them. It isn’t my intention to offend anyone with my frankness. I’m just trying to help you improve. Oh and sometimes I share personal information on a review if a story really affected me.

As a beta-reader/editor – I beautify written pieces that I edit. I notice mistakes very quickly. I’m quite the perfectionist when it comes to the written word, probably due to my OCD. If you’re in need of a beta-reader or want one to edit your stories before posting, or even if it’s already posted, go ahead and check out my beta profile or just PM me.

Well, I bid the reader farewell and good day. Message me for anything at all. A simple hello, a question, a request, whatever it is, I shall duly reply. I swear it.

P.S. Thank you to all the readers who liked any of my fanfics and told me so either through a review or other different ways.

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