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I LOVE reading Twilight FanFiction. I spend way too much time on it :) I try to review every story I read even if I didn't really like it because I am in awe of writers. It is amazing to me how writers can take you to another place with their words. I love reading a well written, grammatically correct story.

About my favorite stories: Most are complete. The ones that are not marked complete update regularly. I have read all of them in the past 9 months and they passed my strict requirements. Only about 10% of the stories I read make it to my favorites.

I am team Edward, but like to throw in a bit of Jasper, Carlisle, and Emmett from time to time. :)

Incorrect word usage that bugs me:

site vs sight

past vs passed

peek vs peak

shutter vs shudder

taut vs taught

there vs their vs they're

accept vs except

affect vs effect

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