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Hello, Remember The Super Secret Pup Club Adventures, well i'm not doing it and instead i'm doing the Lilo Adventures

PSA: As you can tell, my PM thing is gone. That’s because i’m going to take some personal time from now til March to write some chapters and read others fanfics. I will return some time between March and June. Also, I won't be publishing any more stories until 21/31/2022. Occasionally, I will pop up to let a few friends proof read everything.

The Lilo Adventures are about Lilo Pelekai and her friends traveling the world with their new friends The Midnight Society, (Gary, Kiki, Eric, David, Betty Ann, Kristen and Frank), Mater, and a few more friends. They'll battle Monstorous demons, mysterious figures, and bad guys. But most of all, return the expirements before Darkrai does. These are their adventures.

The Donna Adventures Series- Spin off of The Lilo Adventures series. 4 years after Lilo heads off for college, Donna Solo moves to Rosewood, Pa where she begins new adventures, along with Rocket, Groot, and Animal.

Power Rangers Digit Riders- 5 young teenagers from Freeheart City, Maryland fought of a former employee of Reddington-Fang Laboratories with the power of technology and teamwork.

Step Illusion- A 16-year-old girl from Oparoridge, right near Townsville, "Ophelia Wavedancer" goes on a journey to find out who she is with help from The Powerpuff Girls, Jerry the mouse, Cheese, her pegasi, "Juliet" and her twin friends, hip hop girl, "Perdita" and cleanliness loving violinist, "Benvolio".

Jigglypuff's big top- 5 young kids go onto adventures around the Kanto region with their Jigglypuff friend and try to get back to the show before the ring master finds out. Along the way, they encounter 2 con artist who were Jigglypuff's pervious owners who want it back so they can steal pokemon for their mother's chores.

Secret Central- Based on the discontinued doll franchise, 10 young teenagers attend a new club by a new teacher who's the principal's daughter and a former student at Secret Central High in Bronzeleaf, South Carolina.

Glitter Force: Sprinkle Spark- Candy and Pop go to where they come across New Girl Salma, dreamer Wren, princess Kaylani, brainy Emelia, and sugar lover Maeve, five girls who attend a dance school. Now as Glitter Chip, Glitter Sugar, Glitter Snickerdoodle, Glitter Macaroon, and Glitter Biscuit, they must crumble the evil Francis Fable before another Unhappily Ever After occurs.

Queen The Cartoon

Kirby Klue Queens

The Book of Life(Play Edition)

Tiny Dancer- 11 year old, "Candy" has always dreamt of performing at the Reginald Dwight Academy, now that she's older.

Upcoming Donna Adventures

532 : Donna, Rainbow Monkeys and the Happy Crown

533: Donna, Rainbow Monkeys and the Bouncing Ball

573: Donna And The Three Musketeers

586: The Donna Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland: Sing and Play

596: Donna reads Elmo's Magic Cookbook

587: Donna goes to Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

597: Donna goes to Phineas and Ferb's Rockin' Rollin' Dance Party

599: The Donna Adventures of Sesame Street: Rock & Roll!

600: The Bell Of A Sweet(Based on Sweetie Belle's Musical from From Who Sweetie Belle Tolls)

601:The Donna Adventures of Super Mario 64

602: Don and Puss(Based on the Doof n Puss plot)

603: The Donna Adventures of Atlantis Squarepantis

604: Donna says Welcome to Zahramay Skies

605: Donna in The Muppet Movie

606: Donna goes to Fear Street

607: Donna and Big Bird in Ireland(Based on the unfinished project)

608: Donna and Big Bird in Russia(Based on the unfinished project)

609: The Donna Adventures of Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution

610: The Donna Adventures of Night At The Musuem 4.

611: The Donna Adventures of Glitter Force Dream Stars!

612: Donna and Scooby Go Hollywood

613: Donna Races or Dies Too

614: The Donna Adventures of The Super Mario Movie

615:The Donna Adventures of Miraculous Ladybug(Tales of Tiger Trickster)

616: Donna meets Detective Pikachu Too

617: Donna Says: Happy Halloween Scooby Doo

618: The Donna Adventures of Spirit Riding Free

619: Donna meets Luca

621: The Donna Adventures of The Book of Life 3

622: Donna and Big Bird in Vietnam

623: Donna and Big Bird in Thailand

624: Donna and Big Bird in Malaysia

626: Donna says We All Sing Together

627: Donna says Put Down the Duckie

628: The Donna Adventures of Ant Man 3

629: The Donna Adventures of Miraculous New York

630: Donna says Viva Forever!

631: The Donna Adventures of Miraculous Shanghai

633: Donna meets to Dance Central 2

634: Donna meets to Dance Central 3

635: Donna meets to Dance Central: Spotlight

636: Donna meets to Dance Central VR

637: The Donna Adventures of Fuser.

638: Donna wants to Boogie.

639: Donna is a Boogie Superstar

640: Donna says: It's Only Rock and Roll.

641: Donna has Pop Magic.

642: Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s

643: Donna is a DJ hero

644:Donna and the Rising Tides.

649: Donna in the World of Sparx.

654: Donna says, Spy Me A River(Based on the Scooby Doo fictional movie.)

655: Donna meets the DC Superhero Girls: Hero of the Year

656: Donna meets the DC Superhero Girls: Intergalactic Games

657: Donna meets the DC Superhero Girls: Brain Drain

658: Donna meets the DC Superhero Girls: Super-Villain High

659: Donna meets the DC Superhero Girls: Legends of Atlantis

660: Donna meets the DC Superhero Girls: The Late Batsby

661:The Donna Adventures of Power Rangers(Hasbro Reboot)

662: Donna meets the All Star Cheer Squad

663: The Donna Adventures of Star Trek: Prodigy.

664: Step Up: Year of the Dance

665: Donna and the Rollercoaster of Friendship

666: Donna, Phineas and Ferb: The Third Movie.

667: The Donna Adventures of Fate: The Winx Saga

668: Donna in Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars

669: Donna meets Elvis Presley

670: The Lilo Adventures of Scooby-Doo: Showdown in Ghost Town

671: Donna meets Thumbelina

672: Donna's Search and Solve Adventure

673: The Donna Adventures of My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle

674: The Donna Adventures of My Little Pony: Friendship Gardens

679: Donna meets Sade.

682: The Donna Adventures of Zahra glitter, Zahra Glow.

683: Donna and Genie Dance Magic

684Donna and The Pirate Genie

685: The Donna Adventures of Ready Player Two

686: The Donna Adventures of Wishology: The Big Beginning.

687: The Donna Adventures of Wishology: The Exiting Middle Part

688: The Donna Adventures of Wishology: The Final Ending.

689: Donna and The Tale of Orpheo's Curse

690: Donna in Woody's Finest Hour.

691: Donna is on the Come Up

692: Donna and The Power Of Love

693: THe Donna Adventures of the third Veggie Tales Movie

694: The Donna Adventures of Choices' mystery book.

697: The Donna Adventures of Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel

698: The Donna Adventures of Pokemon LIVE!

699: The Donna Adventures of New Pokemon Snap

701: Is Donna Afraid Of The Dark?

703: The Donna Adventures of The Tale Of The Silver Sight.

726: Donna goes to Princess Charm School

727: Donna and the Epic Winter

728: Donna Gets Godmothered

729: Donna at The Dragon Games

730: Donna is on her Way Too Wonderland

731: The Donna Adventures of The Loud House Movie

732: The Donna adventures of Spring Unsprung

733: The Donna Adventures of Love, Victor

734: Donna goes to Thronecoming

735: Donna goes to Legacy Day: A Tale of Two Tales

736: Donna Into The Donna-Verse 2

737: The Donna Adventures of Disney Princess: Magical Jewels

738: The Donna Adventures of Pocket Monsters the Movie: Coco

739: The Donna Adventures of Once on This Island

741: The Donna Adventures of Super Mario 3D World Bowser's Fury

742: The Donna Adventures of Sky: Children of the Light

743: Donna and the Mystery of the Missing Amulet

745: Donna and the Mystery In The Himalayas

746: Donna's The Incredible Toy Store Adventure

747: The Donna Adventures of Scooby-Doo: Phantom of the Knight,

751: Donna meets The Descendants

752: Donna meets The Descendants 2

753: Donna meets The Descendants 3

754: The Donna Adventures of Scooby-Doo: Jinx at the Sphinx

755: Donna and a A Hearth's Warming Tail.

757:Donna on Fairy Idol.

758: Donna meets Milky Way and The Galaxy Girls

760: The Donna Adventures of Open Heart 3

761: The Donna Adventures of Choices Story

762:The Donna Adventures of Pokemon: Power of The Prism Pokemon(A Lemon Zone Original)

763: Donna reads Raven Wild(Bisexual Edition)

764: Donna on Galaxy Quest: Star Protectors(A Lemon Zone Original)

766: Donna wonders Who Killed Who?

767: Donna goes to Ravenswood.

768: The Donna Adventures of Choices Story

769:Donna meets the Minion Scouts

770: Donna meets The Bad Guys

771: THe Donna Adventures of The Boss Baby 2

772: Donna meets Joseph: King of Dreams

773: The Donna Adventures of Choices Story

774: Donna meets some Henchmen.

775: The Donna Adventrueres of The Beat Bugs Movie.

776: Donna's Twinkle Wish Adventure

777: Donna and a very Minty Christmas

778: The Donna Adventures of Pokemon: Cresselia and The Moon Symbols (A Lemon Zone Original)

779: Donna and the Secret Society of Second-Born Royals.

780: Donna is an International Superspy.

781: Donna and a Charming Birthday

782: Donna and the Runaway Rainbow

783: The Donna Adventures of CLST: The Movie(Based on RWBY The Movie)

785: Donna has Fashion Magic(A Lemon Zone Original)

786: Donna has Star Magic(A Lemon Zone Original)

787: Donna goes Under the Boardwalk

788: Donna meets the DC Super Pets

789: The Donna Adventures of Sailor Moon Eternal.

790: The Donna Adventures of Vivo.

791: The Donna Adventures of Miraculous London(A Lemon Zone Original)

792: Donna and Ladybug in Halloween.

793: The Donna Adventures of Miraculous Tokyo(A Lemon Zone Original.)

794: The Donna Adventures of Miraculous Dance Power(A Lemon Zone Original)

795: Donna's Mystery Mansion Arcade

796: The Donna Adventures of Pretty Little Liars: The Movie.

798:Donna and The Last Problem


Let's All Dance Until We're Sick Reunions

I Love Lucille- A Let's All Dance Until We're Sick Wedding

Krazy for Kamila- A Let's All Dance Until We're Sick Wedding or Bailemos todos hasta que esteems enfermos.

Matteo Hearts E-Wave- A Let's All Dance Until We're Sick Wedding

Let's All Dance Until We're Sick(Where Are They Now)

Let's All Dance Until We're Sick: All Stars- Every 5 seasons, LADUWS will pick fan favorites of the show and they get to compete again.

Let's All Dance Until We're Sick(Holland)

Let's All Dance Until We're Sick(Isreal)

Let's All Dance Until We're Sick(Morroco)

Let's All Dance Until We're Sick(Norway)

Let's All Dance Until We're Sick(Poland)

X- Men: Dynamite

Captain Marvel returns to Earth. With help from Poe Dameron, their recruiting six kids in the Xavier Apartments in New York City, Ground-Master, Quake, reptile lover, Snake, talented actor, Shift, Dream-maker Paradise, Dancer-dude Danti and traveller Atlar. Together they must battle a group of evil mutants known as “Street Shennagos” and save New York.

Magical Doremi: Fasola’s Fortress

Rebel girl Laura, dancer girl Nicole, horse-rider Joey, city kid Marc, prankster and Laura’s sister Willa, perky girl Amara, worry-wort Josie, and pre-teen sensation Eloise are casted for the 10th season of Fasola’s Fortress in Oregon, a hit music web show that Fasola, younger sister of Putina, is the host of. Fasola also has been making a powerful Music Witch spell to prevent her from turning into a frog after a human exposes her secret, with the help from Laralie.

One day, Fasola was practicing some new spells when the eight kids unintentionally came over for a cold read for the show. Fasola knew that she needed extra help around the studio she works at, and to keep the boss from firing her. So she decided to make them her apprentices.

Princess Peach and The Sebun Kōseis

Princess Peach has been summoned by archeologist Prof. Donku Kinoko and his daughter "Siria" whom both found a clue to a lost relics of Sutāraitotawā a city that was lost for many centuries. With a tight budget and desperate need for decor for the upcoming Dessert Festival, she decided to go along for the ride. However, Prof. Donku's assistant, "Nigrum" wants the treasure to himself. Now Peach is going on the biggest expedition of her life.

Xiaolin Clash

6 years after The Mikado Arms were found, The Hun Amulet was found by a mysterious jewel thief and her cohorts. Now with help from a photographer from New York City, a rebel from Italy, a model from Australia, and drummer from Canada. They must find all the Shen Fa Wu before its too late.

Mew Mew Infinity: Summer Yummin

The Mew Mews are on summer break and are now bonding with the Mew Mews of their homelands. With different villains and powers, come different responsibilities.

Sky High: New Level

It's been five years since Will stronghold and his friends graduated high school, now six young children must do what it takes to stop evildoers and do their best to be a hero. Join, 'Jaelynnr', 'Ridge' 'Adalee' 'Kye', 'Oaklee' and 'Jewel' on their wacked out adventures.

Reviews are nice every now and again, but NO criticism in reviews. It offends me. If you plan on giving me tips, do it in a PM.

I also have a Deviant art account under the name: Marylemon42

If you wanna see my original stories, here's the link: https://www.fictionpress.com/~maryokeeffe16

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