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completed fan-fictions:

-Artemis fowl: the old oak ch1

-Artemis fowl: a Christmas tradition ch3

-Artemis fowl: a Christmas wish ch1

WIP fan-fictions:

-Artemis fowl: love changes all

Future fan-fictions:

I have a few in mind...ok one I definitely want to do its a one-shot but it will have a lot and it will probably take awhile for me to write it cause I want to get every thing right (well close to it anyway)

I do have a few spin off ideas, one of 'Love changes all' where it follows Mulch and what he's been up to during the story line...which now that I think about it I don't think I've mentioned much about Mulch in the main story or at least what he has gotten up to...hmm

and there is one I have had in the back of my mind for quite awhile now and to be honest I completely forgot about it until now

and then of coarse there's the random drabbles that go on inside my head that you guys might never see...*sigh

and then there's the slight possibility of a sequel to 'Love changes all'...slight

and maybe an M rated story...maybe

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