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My name is BeLynda. I am a mother of 2 and grandmother of 1. I spend most of my time reading. Stephenie Meyer's unfinished Midnight Sun is the only reason I even know about fan fiction sites. I was desperate to know the end of it so I googled and found a really good ending on a fan fiction site. I have been hooked on fan fiction ever since.

I hate incorrect usage of the apostrophe so much that I have included this handy link for all you aspiring Stephenies out there. http:// theoatmeal . com/ comics/ apostrophe

To anyone who thinks that bullying and being mean to the authors on this and other sites like it are okay, I say to you that you obviously don't have the intelligence to be constructive with your criticism. Spewing vitriolic hatred to someone who has the courage to put little pieces of their heart and soul, in the form of the words they write, is wrong. If you have CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, it's one thing, but calling people liars, death threats, homophobia, any kind of hate, is W R O N G.

I started a fanfic recommendation blog. It's called Smut Sluts and Angst Whores and the url is www (dot) smutslutsandangstwhores (dot) blogspot (dot) com. I plan on making Tuesday Temptations a thing. :-)

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