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Hey! My name is Jennifer, and I welcome you to my profile!

Well, first off, I'm Christian and find the need to love everybody, despite what they've done. "You hate the sin, not the sinner." A friend of mine once said.

I hope that anyone that reads this is blessed. Please, for the sake of you and everyone else, if you haven't already, ask God/Jesus Christ to forgive you for your sins, and welcome Him into your heart. It'll change your life, and for the better, too. Trust me on this one, friends! Hopefully, I'm not shoving the Gospel down into people's throats ((yet u

I try to stay friendly and good to my friends (I can be dumbo douche, sometimes though) and I can handle criticism well (I hope), so I really don't mind what people say about me. You guys can say all you want, too. Go ahead! I'm not a very clingy person, and don't express myself in many ways other than in theatrical musical numbers and/or guitar smashing.

Other things you should know are that I spend a lot of my time playing video games, I love animated shows, and can be pretty cringy, haha.

But anyways I hope to see you around! Remember, if I have any stories posted up, please, don't hesitate to review or comment on them, review! Constructed criticism is great!

Bless you guys!


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