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in needed of story ideas.

please send in reply mail to help me out.

Entry number: 39-62-75-N

after a fatal accident, in the year 2020, May 26th.
I have nearly completed the prototype of Galaxis Prime N-1, i was still working on the infinite power core replica of the one in my heart. but, when I mix two unstable substances together. In a instance, it backfired. Big time.

after the reconstruction was done, i went into hibernation sleep for 40 years in to remain of whats left of my home and my lab.

year 2060, June 16th. a young boy reawakened me from my cryo-sleep, and yet i don't know who he was, but I saw a spark just like the one of a Pokemon. pure of courage.

after the history lesson, i re-activated galaxis prime's core matrix by connecting it with my core in my heart, and offering the kid a ride too.

after climbing to the surface, i saw city that disturbed my mind forever and will haunt me for life.
humanity's enslavement.

my friend's editing name is Canada

ONE, I DO NOT APPRECIATE negative review on my stories that are still being typed and corrected.

TWO, Negative Review are a reason i have to vent my stress into a video game for hours to vent it all!


facing a major depression and severe writer's block.

I can't continue writing my stories unless i find help.

co-Authors wanted to help finish my stories


after a long time of loss of inspired spirit that makes my stories, but would have time to rework my old school stories into stories to here in fanfiction

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